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Larry Vallon Farewell Tour

I’m so depressed. The emcee was Bob Eubanks. I asked him about promoting the Beatles. He was just a booker, for a club in North Hollywood that’s long since been gone. But the big promoter didn’t want the gig. So, Bob mortgaged his house for $25,000 and got them. He made $4500 at the Hollywood […]

Best Second Albums-SiriusXM This Week

Marc Reiter will be returning for one of his parlor games. I’ll let him describe it: Best Second Albums EVER (or, No Sophomore Slumps!): Those Artists Whose Second Albums Topped Their Strong Debuts (or at least gave it a run for its money!). As the cliche goes, “You have your whole life to write your […]

The Oscars

And the winner is… MUSIC! Come on. The Grammys are over-debated, the performances not only leaked, but promoted. But when Queen came on the stage to rock us… THEY DID! Generations have passed. Our parents are either deceased or in the old folks’ home. We rockers, who grew up with the Beatles, we remember, this […]

I Guess I Just Feel Like

I Guess I Just Feel Like – Spotify I Guess I Just Feel Like – YouTube This is Saturday night music… For those who don’t want to bump asses in the club, who don’t want to dress up and go out to eat but just want to stay home and lay back, drift, recover from […]