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40 Degrees

That’s what my car thermometer just said. Now if I was in Vail, that would be a heat wave, get any warmer and the snow might get too slushy to ski. But in L.A? The weather is backwards in L.A. I remember working at a summer camp in the White Mountains. By time you get […]

Music Is Like Politics

Everybody’s in their own silo. Only in this case, hip-hop is the coasts, the “New York Times” and the “Washington Post.” And everything else is Fox News. That’s right, hip-hop won. The only people who don’t know are oldsters, who are irrelevant. In this case it’s the opposite of politics, as in the old people […]


They used to dominate the music landscape. People who were the “other,” who seemed to march to a different drummer, whose values were different from those of the rat race. Like Woody Guthrie. Like Bob Dylan. Like the Rolling Stones. Sure, eventually the Stones became members of the glitterati, but we laughed about it, how […]

Parcel Pick-Up

Felice asked me if I ever rode the horse outside the supermarket. I said yes. Although I then thought about it. Surely I had, but most times my mother declined to honor my request to plug in a dime. In return I asked Felice whether she remembered parcel pick-up. I got a blank stare. Then, […]