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What Happened To The Spine Of Rolling Stone?

Yes, I still subscribe, I have since 1969. And I still haven’t gotten over the lack of a fold, never mind moving to New York and ultimately going slick. But this binding issue is the last straw. What killed “Rolling Stone”? The refusal to regenerate, it got old with its audience, as opposed to MTV, […]

The End

Can you picture what will be So limitless and free Did I tell you I went to Jim Morrison’s gravesite? Weird scenes inside the gold mine indeed. I have no idea if Pere Lachaise cemetery was west of our hotel or not. I just plotted it out on the Metro map and went. I insist […]

Dog On A Chain

Once she praised me Now she hates me I can’t see how I have changed It seems that what they loved about you is the same thing that ultimately gets them to leave, which is quite a conundrum if you’re the one left standing there. You’re just being yourself, everything’s hunky-dory, and then she does […]

More Attention

START SMALL Big time publicity is for big time acts. Not only will most major outlets not cover you, if they do, people will think you’re a hype. Better to start small and hit singles rather than home runs, better to activate a core fan base than try to reach everybody, better to take risks […]