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Brush With The Blues

Stevie Wonder co-wrote a song with his ex about their failed relationship.  Very few people heard the original version, on "Stevie Wonder Presents Syreeta", but the song gained new life when an instrumental version was included on Jeff Beck’s "Blow By Blow".  Maybe it was karma, payback for Stevie writing "Superstition for Jeff and then […]

Mark Cuban/YouTube

Mark Cuban is a crybaby. Selling at the height of dot com frenzy, he wants to shut the door behind him, exclude all those who don’t play by the rules.  He wants to see the death of YouTube, since they’re stealing the content and he’s investing money to gain a foothold in the movie/visual […]

Howard and Sirius

If it weren’t for Howard, Sirius would be out of business. Let us count the ways Sirius sucks. Number one, reception.  If word got out how often you lose signal with Sirius ONLY Howard fanatics would subscribe.  It’s a constant stream of dropouts.  Just ask anybody with the service, or who rents a car with […]

The Feeling

1 People in love get lost and foolishPeople in love get everything wrongPeople in love get scared and stupidPeople in love get everything wrong At least they’re not lonelyAt least they’re not lonelyNever be lonely I wish money solved all problems.  Then the path would be clear.  Kind of like winning a sporting event.  Just […]