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The Jeopardy Phenom

My favorite game show was “Kideo Village.” The junior version of “Video Village,” it aired on Saturday morning, along with “Crusader Rabbit” and “Andy Devine”…PLUNK YOUR MAGIC TWANGER, FROGGY! Boy did I hate that show. And there were no other choices. I’d sit in front of the TV with the can of Charles Chips and […]

Corporate Hate

What kind of crazy fucked-up world do we live in where politicians eschew corporate donations but musicians are in bed with the companies? One in which music, normally the pusher of the envelope, has lost touch with its audience. Credibility is key. That’s why people have stopped believing Elon Musk. You’re supposed to over deliver […]

Best (Worst) Opening Act-SiriusXM This Week

Tune in today, Tuesday April 23rd, to Volume 106, 7 PM East, 4 PM West. Phone #: 844-6-VOLUME, 844-686-5863 Twitter: @lefetz or @siriusxmvolume/#lefsetzlive Hear the episode live on SiriusXM VOLUME: HearLefsetzLive If you miss the episode, you can hear it on demand on the SiriusXM app: LefsetzLive

Youth vs. Experience

I saw Mayor Pete on “CBS Sunday Morning.” I was not impressed. Actually, this is the first time I’ve watched the show. And now I get it, it’s appointment television for those who still remember appointment television. Oldsters. Youngsters expect the world to operate on their own schedule, on demand. I’ve got nothing against Pete […]