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High Flying Bird

“It felt like, the kind of film it is, the best way to maximize eyeballs. It’s got a better shot at finding all the people who will like it. Otherwise, it’s a slow-rolling platform release, which are expensive and you’re bound by where the big art house theaters are. You can’t just go anywhere. I […]

The Klarman Letter

Who? It’s about the money. What did they say in “All The President’s Men”? Follow the money. And if you do, you will find the answers. Hell, it’s obvious in entertainment, where studios make Marvel pictures and labels release cartoons too. People go where the bucks go. But where are they going? If you read […]

The Rain

It doesn’t rain the same way in Southern California as it does on the east coast. The same way it doesn’t snow in Colorado like it does in Utah. In Utah, it dumps, oftentimes four inches an hour, you can barely see in front of you, you’re in a cocoon of flakes, it’s quiet, you […]

Article Of The Day

“To Cover China, There’s No Substitute for WeChat – Li Yuan conducts much of her work on the WeChat mobile app, including spotting trends -and prodding sources to get back to her” I know, I know, you’re inundated with lists of articles to read every day, and if you’re like me, you end up reading […]