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What you are missing is directionality. What you call “punch” requires a fixed sound source, not some frequency-selective phase shifting — One of the reasons Quad failed was because it had no “punch.” In fact, mono was (is) better than stereo. Dolby surround in movie theaters is an aural illusion, just like this crap. as […]

Spatial Audio

I got the following e-mail from a producer/engineer: “I just want to try and alert you to the potential seismic scam happening with this Atmos roll out.  Atmos catalog remixing is being done by the truckload in a handful of Nashville, LA, and NYC rooms right now and has been for a couple of years, […]

1971-Episode One I’ve been thinking I was born at the wrong time. Now I’m not so sure. On one hand I was born at exactly the right time, I was 10 when the Beatles broke, I was there for the British Invasion, I saw the whole movie, many of my contemporaries were not, if you were […]

Spotify’s Fan Study There is more information on this page and in its links than you can devour and comprehend in one sitting, but you should dive in. All the conversation re Spotify has been about payouts. That ship has sailed, now it’s about building your audience so that it will speed up and enhance the flywheel […]