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Yazhou was in Hong Kong. Maybe you grew up with this technology, but for those of us who grew up in the twentieth century, it’s positively amazing. It’s kind of like asking my mother what it was like before television, I couldn’t fathom it. And now I’ve lived through a revolution myself, a technical revolution, […]

The Apple Keynote

Apple built its business on being late to the market but better. Starting with CD burners and iTunes, then the iPod and iPhone. All had predecessors, all worked better than they did. Furthermore, Apple worked best when it was a de facto monopoly. Like with the iPod and then the initial years of the iPhone. […]

Dating Around

They’ve broken the system. We used to get it, there was a ladder to the top, a room where everybody was inside doing dope with the cool people. If you wanted to make it, you knew how to do it. But not anymore. Not that the media has been alerted. The media keeps going on […]

Zuckerberg’s Blog Post

A Privacy-Focused Vision for Social Networking This isn’t about privacy, this is about MONOPOLY! Yes, we have a problem with fake news, did you read the story about the kid testifying against his mom, who didn’t want him to be vaccinated? She gets all her information via Facebook. There’s nothing in Zuck’s post to address […]