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Verizon Writes Down Oath

You’d like to believe the people, mostly men, running America’s companies know more than you do. Now I’m not so sure. Did anybody think that Yahoo had value? Or AOL? If you haven’t switched to Gmail, the joke is on you. There’s been no investment in AOL’s e-mail product in seemingly a decade. Change your […]


They’re preparing for the future. Unlike the record companies. The labels and the artists berated not only the techies, but their own customers, demanding that everybody jet back to the past. When people drove cars and the rest of the world was not going electric. Clayton Christensen wrote the blueprint in “The Innovator’s Dilemma.” You […]

Your New Stereo

Echo Sub Bundle with 2 Echo (2nd Gen) Devices – $249.97 It’s 2003 all over again. When hardware was king and just as you got used to your latest iPod they improved it, only this time Cupertino is behind the curve selling niche items for mucho dinero and Amazon is going downmarket to own the […]

Elon Musk On Joe Rogan

They’re out to get him. I didn’t like school, because the teachers were so bad. Forget that they were limited. they wanted to keep you in a box. Make sure you were somebody contrary to your inner tuning fork. They wanted you to conform. But when you found a teacher who took the lid off […]