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Who is more powerful, Facebook or the people? In the pre-cable era, networks were deathly afraid of advertisers. If only a few people complained, content was changed, no one could be alienated. Now the opposite is true. Major and minor corporations have banded together to get Facebook to police content on its sites. What has […]

Lesbian TikTok

For Lesbians, TikTok Is ‘the Next Tinder’ The code phrase is “Girl in Red.” In the seventies it was “Holly Near.” But in the seventies everybody knew who Holly Near was, I doubt you’ve even heard of Girl in Red, never mind heard the music. There’s been a cornucopia of TikTok news in the past […]


Which came first, Trump or the internet? Once again, music was the canary in the coal mine for digital disruption. Music has been disrupted, we’re at the end of the line of technology, we’ve got an on demand system where you can get everything in the history of recorded music for one low price. (As […]

Immigration-H-1B Visas

Yesterday marked the beginning of Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference, aka “WWDC.” The keynote was the best since the passing of Steve Jobs, because Tim Cook is much better in front of the camera and he let Craig Federighi, a natural, quarterback most of the presentation. These used to be a big deal. We always […]