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Uncanny Valley I spent all day Thursday, i.e. Thanksgiving, finishing John Boyne’s book “The Heart’s Invisible Furies”: It’s not new, as a matter of fact it came out in 2017, but it was rated one of the best books of that year and I’m all about research and I discovered it and reserved it at […]

Music Business Election Lessons

It’s not the 1960s anymore. You remember, the era when music drove the culture and impacted young ‘uns philosophies. Musicians were wise gurus. Sure, they were getting wealthy, but concert tickets were three, four and five dollars. Albums were under five bucks and royalty rates were low. There were no tech billionaires, never mind finance […]

The Apple Presentation

You’re gonna get a new phone. The last time there was a great leap forward was back in 2012, with the iPhone 5, with LTE. This was before most people were surfing the web on their phones. Sure, via WiFi, but on the network? Speeds were slow. Also, not everybody had a smartphone at this […]


It starts with porn. In the sixties and seventies, porn was controlled by a small cabal of producers and distributors. With the advent of the videocassette in the late seventies and early eighties profits went through the roof as a limited number of old and new players controlled the business utilizing professional actors. There began […]