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Gold Dust Woman

There’s more bottom, more clarity on Amazon Music HD. I thought the guy was gonna come and repair/finish the file cabinet today. They shipped me a replacement part, but it turns out he’s coming on Monday. So I decided to set up my Playbar. I got one for hosting a panel for Sonos a few […]

The JBL L100s

I thought the tweeter was broken. When I got the Thiels I retired them. The foam had long ago fallen off the scrims, along with the logos, I wondered whether to fix them or to toss them. Then again, they’d probably cost as much to fix as to buy new ones. But when I moved, […]

The Tech Backlash

The problem isn’t so much that these companies are too big, but that they’ve lost control of their platforms. Today the WSJ printed an exhaustive article about the sale of unsafe/fake/substandard merchandise on Amazon. Once again, these tech companies are far ahead of the politicians, who’ve got no idea how they really work. The truth […]

Lionizing Obama

Every day, a new left wing trope. No wonder Republicans are laughing. To progressives, Obama was a disappointment. He was a centrist in an era of tribalism, one could even call it extremism. On his watch, Democrats lost tons of governorships and state legislatures. Sure, he’s a dignified man, sure, he’s an African-American, BUT THAT’S […]