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737 Max

“This airplane is designed by clowns who are in turn supervised by monkeys.” (Boeing employee) Where is Ralph Nader when you need him? The 737 Max should be scrapped, stricken from the air, but regulators are afraid of putting Boeing out of business. That’s right. In a failed attempt to compete with Airbus, which had […]


This is what happens when baby boomers with MBAs try to compete in the tech sphere…THEY LOSE! Furthermore, this is what happens when Hollywood tries to compete with Silicon Valley…it compromises or it loses! Meg Whitman knows how to make the trains run on time. At eBay and then HP. Come on, tell me about […]


“Amazon Accuses Trump of ‘Improper Pressure’ on JEDI Contract” Will you speak up if you’re going to lose your job? Amazon Web Services dominates cloud computing, it is the leader in all categories, it was destined to win a ten billion dollar Defense Department contract and then… Trump said: “other ‘great companies’ should have a […]

Gold Dust Woman

There’s more bottom, more clarity on Amazon Music HD. I thought the guy was gonna come and repair/finish the file cabinet today. They shipped me a replacement part, but it turns out he’s coming on Monday. So I decided to set up my Playbar. I got one for hosting a panel for Sonos a few […]