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The story of the year isn’t the AI chatbot, but the risk to Google. For years we’ve been hearing that these mega-tech companies were indomitable. Forever. If you started a new company they’d either buy you or compete with you, your choice, but they weren’t going to allow you to build an independent unicorn. Facebook […]

Even More Atmos

Note: I’m focused primarily on commercial appeal. I’ve heard quad that is great, but every format beyond stereo has failed in the marketplace. I am also worried creatively. As in if the Atmos versions of originals become the standard. Atmos is the default in Apple Music. Which is criminal. Atmos should be opt-in, not opt-out. […]

More Atmos

Subject: Why you get pushback from some people about Atmos Hey Bob, Consumers listen to music, which includes sound. Engineers listen to sound. which includes music. People whose priority is music don’t really care about the delivery system. Craig Anderton _______________________________________________ I stood down on this one though I’m with you and awaited the responses. […]


Bob you are 100% right about spatial audio. I learned a lot about this during my time with the ill-fated QSound. Not only do we only have 2 ears but they’re programmed to turn and FACE the source of sounds. It’s a primitive, autonomic survival mechanism – can’t be bypassed or tech-tricked into not working. […]