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The Twitch Leak

“Twitch Data Leak Confirms The 100 Highest-Paid Streamers”: Don’t get into music for the money. There’s just not that much. Which is another reason why there are no bands, there’s not enough money to go around. Best to cut your track on your computer alone in your bedroom, post it online and see if […]


From: Chris Kimsey Subject: Re: Wild World Hi Bob ,What a joy to read your blog about Cat Stevens and Mona Bone Jackon . I was the assistant engineer on the album . It was recorded at Olympic Studio 2, with Paul Samwell-Smith producing and George Chkiantz engineering. That album and those songs shaped my […]


Elizabeth Holmes said she was too pretty to go to jail. Needless to say, Holmes is on trial as we speak, blaming her heinous behavior on her old boyfriend Sunny Balwani, claiming abuse and ultimately PTSD as she attends Burning Man and galivants around San Francisco as if she had not a care in the […]

The Apple Keynote It played like a commercial. Actually, the product introduction was not the biggest Apple news today, no, that was the security update, to deal with an Israeli snooping program that infiltrated your device without any clicks, without you doing anything. It could listen and see you and… The best account of what transpired is […]