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More Morgan Wallen

Well that didn’t work. In case you’re out of the loop, or just don’t care, which is the case with so many who’ve canceled Morgan Wallen, “Dangerous” just notched its seventh week atop the “Billboard” chart. So if the goal was to ostracize Wallen, to kill his career, that hasn’t happened. What is the rule […]


Is it the new I was wrong about Instagram and I may be wrong about Clubhouse but I can’t say that I have any use for it, if for no other reason than I don’t want to hear what most people have to say. Put me in the Fran Lebowitz camp, although I am […]

Black Myself

Spotify: YouTube: You know it when you hear it. And I only had to hear Amythyst Kiah’s “Black Myself” once and I got it. Long before it was over. But there’s no place for “Black Myself” in today’s music world, it falls between the cracks. Sans beats, more about melody than rhythm, even […]

David Fishof-This Week’s Podcast

David Fishof started out booking bands in the Catskills, then he dropped out of college to become a sports agent, representing household names like Lou Piniella and Phil Simms, and then he switched to music, putting the Monkees back together, signing Ringo Starr to do his All Starr Band shows, creating the Happy Together tour, […]