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Charlie Sheen Fiasco

Television never sold tickets.  It’s like being in your living room, a member of the family, would you pay to see your sister? Even though they’re taller now, because the screens are bigger, TV stars have little charisma.  Hell, one can argue TV killed rock and roll.  Where’s the mystery.  Want mystery…STAY OFF TV! Even […]

Blake’s Memorial Service

That’s Blake Edwards.  Who died at the end of last year but didn’t have a public funeral.  Last night’s celebration at the Directors Guild was his official send-off. Funny how you know these people but you don’t.  Like Blake’s wife Julie Andrews.  You’re standing there talking to her and you know her but she doesn’t […]

E-Mail Of The Day

Subject: Credibility Dear Bob, My name’s Colin Hay. My good friend Michael Georgiades turned me on to your letters. I was in Men At Work in the 80’s, and have been living in California for the last 20 years, making albums and touring across the land, as a solo performer primarily. Your piece holds many […]

Cracked Tooth

Is there such a thing as emergency dentistry? So I’m rushing to go to Staples Center, to see Lady GaGa, to experience the hysteria, to drill down to the bottom of popular culture.  And I’m scarfing down some trail mix with Dannon coffee yogurt and… Let’s start at the beginning. Yesterday I went to the […]