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You’re in bed with your audience. I’m weaning myself from the Huffington Post.  You see Arianna made a mistake, she’s still living in the last century, she believes it’s about gatekeepers, about cash-outs, press reports in the mainstream media, when really it’s only about your relationship with your audience, which is hard to get and […]

Square Card Reader Did you know you could lend Kindle books? Miss one day in the news cycle and you’re out of it.  Don’t follow people on Twitter and you miss the heartbeat of the street. Friday night, Ian Rogers of Topspin retweeted Jill Sobule’s tweet: "Need a Square credit card reader to sell merch at our […]

How To Cook A Screaming Eagle

How to Cook a Screaming Eagle This is the best thing I’ve read all day, and I’ve read a lot. Well, maybe if we’re including last night as part of today, after all, it was past midnight, I’ve got to give props to the book "Bad Things Happen", which was the unread remnant from a […]

Orchestral “Friday”

Rebecca Black ‘Friday’ For Orchestra #53 This is hysterical in its own right and requires no further comment or explanation, but I’m gonna give one! It’s all about context.  You don’t want to function in a vacuum.  You want to give your audience tools so they can participate and get hooked.  In other words, the […]