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Choices have consequences. I love dark. And depressing too. But mostly “Ozark” is just dark. Why is it so satisfying? Because in a life of phoniness we want reality played back to us. We want to feel honest emotions. And we love story. That’s what the short attention span theatre people don’t get, those who […]

Tesla Model 3

Exclusive: Tesla Model 3 First Drive Review We believe in people. We love our technology, our devices, but what thrills us most is the individuals who spearhead their development. And although occasionally it’s a pair, like Larry and Sergey, it’s usually just one. The faceless team doesn’t excite us. The same way we wait for […]

McCain Says No

We don’t like team players. That’s the American Way. We’re one of a kind mavericks who believe we can go our own way. Maybe that’s how we got into this mess. All this millennial hogwash about getting along, being a member of the group, staying silent rather than throwing a monkey wrench into the discussion. […]

How To Promote

MAKE ART “A great song can make the worst artist in the world a star.” Quincy Jones Which is why no one from the “Voice” has had any success and Bob Dylan is the most respected solo artist of the rock era. Quincy Jones went through eight hundred songs to find what ended up on […]