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It’s gasoline on embers. Yup, Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich just did Spotify a big favor, they got every music blog and major newspaper to write about the service, the Internet is blazing with this irrelevant story, but if these guys are that mad at the service, is it worth paying attention to? That’s Spotify’s […]

Tell Ten Friends

That’s what Seth Godin says. Seth calls it an urge to be picked. I’ll call it an urge to be famous. And rich. With the belief that if you just put yourself in someone else’s hands, if you just get a little help, you’ll rise above the fray and become famous and be successful forever […]

Thom Yorke vs. Spotify

What I like most is the tweet from MusicAlly: RT @MusicAlly: Needless to say, Atoms for Peace albums still available to stream in full (unlicensed) on Grooveshark and YouTube — Bob Lefsetz (@Lefsetz) July 15, 2013 What kind of crazy, fucked up world do we live in where artists are so ignorant, so behind the […]


What a difference a year makes. Last year it was us versus them. This year…it’s every man for himself. You remember 2012. When the Tea Party was battling the Democrats, when left wingers were scared out of their wits that automaton Mitt Romney would beat out Barack Obama for the Presidency. Now not only is […]