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Present Shock

Maybe it’s not the music’s fault. Used to be you lay on your bed listening to music dreaming of a better life to come. One with friends, romance, all kinds of excitement. Now you just log on to the Internet and hunt for these experiences. You know, the peak of a positive e-mail, a congratulatory […]

La Grange

My goal is not to die in the 405 reconstruction. Let me explain this to you. The Democrats voted for stimulus, and money was appropriated to extend the carpool lane from deep in the San Fernando Valley so far south it’s a different time zone, assuming time zones changed from north to south, which they […]

Changes In Our Lifetime

PHOTOS Used to cost something and were shot sparingly and viewed in the future. Today, photos literally cost nothing and are oftentimes shot and discarded. I was stopped at a light in Brentwood yesterday and my eye wandered to see Dustin Hoffman cross Barrington. My first thought was to reach for my phone. In the […]


Yes, you all know “All Right Now,” hopefully the extended version, with the guitar solo, and I bought that album, “Fire and Water,” but I didn’t love it. Yet, over the years, after the band broke up and got back together and Paul Rodgers moved on to Bad Company and Paul Kossoff OD’ed on an […]