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My inbox is blowing up with testimonials. I’m getting more feedback than I do about any record ever. Isn’t it interesting that Jay-Z and Kanye’s productions are push and Uber is pull and the end result is everybody’s talking about Uber and the only ones going on about Jay-Z and Kanye are the talking down […]


Is single-handedly putting a dent in drunk driving in Los Angeles. Do you know this service? Wherein you order up your car via a smartphone app? It’s the rage amongst hipsters. If you’re waiting for established industries to change, if you’re expecting an advertising campaign to break your new product, you’re dreaming, that’s just not […]


They can’t be rich so they want to be famous. That’s what you can’t understand. Why you’re inundated with the “artwork” and musings of boring people whose only asset is the megaphone known as the Web. It’s comical to watch. The underclass infects the Internet with reams of data and the oldsters complain that no […]


They didn’t care about music. We’re in the tech era. But what they don’t tell you is one day it’s gonna run out of gas, it will be replaced by something heretofore unseen, dominated by nerds who were poor and got no attention and will suddenly rule the earth. Kind of like how the techies […]