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Yeah, THIS is intriguing.  Let me get my copy protected song for 99 cents from some peon in New Jersey or Wyoming rather than instantly downloading a pristine version from the iTunes Music Store. It’s the PRICE stupid.  It’s not the DELIVERY system!  I mean I’ll get it FASTER from the iTunes Music Store but […]

What Doomed Them

Conventional wisdom is the content companies won, P2P lost.  The Grokster decision was heralded as a great day in the fight against file-trading and the establishment of legitimate online services. The only problem is this is not what Justice Souter’s opinion said. Justice Souter questioned whether file-trading was even hurting the labels.  He restated the […]

iTunes 4.9

Used to be you waited a week, maybe a MONTH to upgrade.  But those were the days before OS X.  Having NEVER had a fuck up with an upgrade yet, I downloaded iTunes 4.9, and its companion software, iPod Updater 2005-06-26, TODAY!  You see, I just don’t want to be left out of the podcast […]


What does Chris Rock say?  I LOVE black people, but I HATE niggers?  I LOVE people who try to make it easier and cheaper for people to acquire music through the establishment and utilization of new technologies, but I HATE pricks who don’t have an innovative bone in their bodies and just want to piggyback […]