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I was teaching my mother how to text. Easy for you, deeficult for me. That’s Senor Wences. If you’re in the neighborhood of sixty and used to see him on Ed Sullivan. He talked with his hand. Felice replicates the fingers and the voice and it freaks me out. And that was a long time […]

Why The Major Label Doesn’t Want Your Album

1. They can’t make any money on it. It’s show business, not show art. The bottom line is the bottom line. Major labels don’t care if you’re the new Mozart Beatles, if they can’t make any money on you they’re not interested, now more than ever, where recordings render less cash than ever. 2. Radio […]

We Don’t Want Your Record

I don’t care that you made it. I don’t care that your mother and girlfriend like it. I don’t care that you funded it through Kickstarter. Why does everybody think just because you did it I should be interested? Parents are interested in their kids’ Little League games, but I don’t want to go. I […]

The Goldfinch

It’s the best book I’ve read all year and almost nobody’s gonna read it. Because the intro is so damn slow and so overwritten you can’t help but put it down. I did. But having loved “The Secret History” so much I picked it back up, waited for the scenery to change and was blown […]