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1D Day

They’ve only had one hit. But they’re selling out stadiums. Yes, One Direction is a boy band, but it’s a different era. Wherein most people have no idea who the band is and they’re making more money than all of their progenitors. How did this happen? The Internet. It’s not supposed to be this way. […]

What We’ve Learned

1. Nobody wants old people’s albums. Despite a plethora of press, Elton and McCartney’s and Elvis Costello’s album with the Roots sank like a stone and haven’t been heard from since. It’s almost like they never came out. Proving that publicity can make people aware, but it doesn’t necessarily make them interested. In other words, […]

Rhinofy-Take The Long Way Home

The official anthem of the ’94 earthquake. That’s the thing about natural disasters, they have little impact unless you’re a victim, and I was one. I’m a late night person, I’m going to bed a bit earlier these days, but left to my own devices my tuck-in time is around 4 AM, which is what […]

November 22, 1963

We went bowling. Mr. Conley was a cool teacher. He introduced my family to skiing. He showed our class a promotional film about Mt. Snow and I begged my parents to take us and they did, but that was in February, this was a few months before, a week or two after I first saw […]