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Les and Howard

I just don’t get it.  I just don’t understand how Les Moonves continues to play into Howard’s hand.  I don’t understand how Les can have such a blind spot.  The way to compete with Howard is to IGNORE HIM! That’s how Howard made it.  On self-promotion.  Oftentimes SHAMELESS self-promotion.  Hell, take a look at the […]

Hits/Warner Music Group

Lyor.  Please do us a favor and write Dennis and Lenny a check.  Write it off as a charitable donation.  Relief from the constant bombardment of our eyeballs and sensibilities on I hope that is one of your bookmarked sites.  And that you visit it at least twice a day.  "Billboard" delivers a […]

Pink’s Stupid Girls

How come Mac users can’t watch videos on I’d love to blame MTV, but just-featured in "BusinessWeek" Judy McGrath is too damn smart to make this mistake.  Then again, Judy’s a little removed at this point, and I’ll tell you right now, those in charge now DO NOT have their finger on the pulse.  […]


Last night at Trader Vic’s Monica asked Christopher if he’d run into John Davidson in New York, at the toy show.  Turns out John and his wife design board games. I interjected that I didn’t think many people played board games in Southern California.  You needed cold, and rain.  You needed to be inside.  Mandatorily.  […]