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Hierarchy Of Power

1. The Act We’re returning to the classic rock era. Wherein the acts dictated to the labels as opposed to vice versa. But the story here now is there are no labels. Sure, there are a bunch of Top Forty acts that are essentially employees of the major labels, in everything but benefits (they’re independent […]

Rhinofy-Semi-Obscure Bonnie Raitt

1. "I Ain’t Blue"I bought "Give It Up" first. And one of the great crimes of the digital era is that the original, faster version of "Too Long At The Fair" has been lost to vinyl, that’s the only place it appears, and it’s what hooked me on Ms. Raitt. And for a long time, […]

Big Bang Beats Idol

Weren’t the Jonas Brothers supposed to save the music business? All fads die overnight. Usually just when their perpetrators are lying in luxury, believing they can do no wrong. Let’s see. Take a no-talent, otherwise known as J. Lo, pair her up with a never been, i.e. Randy Jackson, and mix in one certified rock […]

The Oinkster

I’d say it’s the power of television, but it’s more than that. We have an idea that publicity will solve all our problems, if we can just get on TV we’ll be happy, our lives will open up like a river to the sea and from there on smiles will reign. But we rarely focus […]