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The Refugees At The Library

That would be the Thousand Oaks library.  Where Renee Bodie has expanded her house concert series. Can’t say that I’m in the loop, but Renee tracked me down.  Did I want to see the Refugees? When I land on that desert island, I’m taking along Wendy Waldman on my iPod.  Just listening to "Spring Is […]

That Nickelback Song…

Imagine crossing Shania with "You Shook Me All Night Long" and adding in a guy…who can barely sing who made his name singing anthems for guys who believe in brewskis and girls who have more dreams than triumphs.  You’ll end up with Nickelback’s new song, entitled "Gotta Be Somebody". This is a head-turner.  It’s not […]

My Loudon Wainwright Podcast

Say that you love meSay that it’s trueSay that you love meI said it to you! I don’t want to waste your time.  I don’t want to burn you out.  I don’t want to get e-mail that I’m a fucking asshole, even though I will.  But I want you to listen to my Loudon Wainwright […]

Kid Rock At Universal

I’m not calling it the Gibson.  Shit, I can barely get used to the building having a roof.  That’s how far we’ve come.  From a magical summer series to an institutional building studded with corporate crepe featuring acts that can’t sell out even though they’ve got the number one single of the summer. Used to […]