My Loudon Wainwright Podcast

Say that you love me
Say that it’s true
Say that you love me
I said it to you!

I don’t want to waste your time.  I don’t want to burn you out.  I don’t want to get e-mail that I’m a fucking asshole, even though I will.  But I want you to listen to my Loudon Wainwright podcast, not for me, but for YOU!  I want you to hear Loudon’s music…

I probably talk too much.  You probably don’t give a shit about me buying records at E.J. Korvette.  But, there’s a joy in great music, it puts a smile on your face.  And when I heard "Say That You Love Me" during this podcast, I began grinning…  As the stock market crashes and I still can’t figure out MySpace Music.

If you’re a fan of metal music, if you’re a hip-hopper, I’d say you wouldn’t like Loudon’s music, but I’m thinking I might be wrong.  Because, like those popular genres, Loudon’s music contains attitude.  And honesty.  And emotion.  It’s a survey of the human condition.  You’re human, right?

This podcast is not made for the club, not made to be played in the background at dinner.  It’s for you and you only, when you’re alone and your thoughts are ricocheting around your brain, when you’re trying to make sense of it all.  That’s what Loudon’s music does…  It helps us clarify.  Not because it contains answers so much as it makes us feel connected, makes us feel like another person is on the same page.

Worst case scenario, go directly to 16:37 in, and listen to "Say That You Love Me"…

Told you I loved you
Dropped all my cool
Said that you liked me
I feel like a fool
You said that you liked me
That’s not enough
Say that you love me

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