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Re-Paul Davis/Cool Night

Thank you for shining a light on the great Paul Davis. My mother Ilene Berns signed Paul to my father’s Bang Records label shortly after his death in 1967, presiding over a decade of hits that included “Ride ‘Em Cowboy,” “Sweet Life” and “I Go Crazy,” which once held the record for the longest chart […]

Cool Night

Spotify: YouTube: 1 I’m trying to remember where I heard “’65 Love Affair.” I mean it was a pop hit, and I never listened to AM radio. And then I remembered, back in the early eighties, when MTV broke, there was a new phenomenon, Top Forty on FM radio. Actually, it was a […]

Neil Young On The Zach Sang Show

“Neil Young Talks World Record, Harvest 50th Anniversary, Elon Musk, Joni Mitchell & Climate Change”: You’ve got to listen to this. I’d never even heard of this guy Zach Sang before today, but this interview was referenced in my Twitter feed. I know, I should delete my account. But you’ve got to realize, I’m […]

Farewell Yellow Brick Road

Spotify playlist: 1 This was not your father’s stadium show. Wait a minute, I am that father! At least the age of said fathers, I have no kids. Stadium shows were a new thing. They were a creation of demand. Just that many people wanted to go to the show, to see an act […]