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The Jacket

Spotify YouTube This is a hit record! It’s got a hole in the elbow, bandana pocket Silver button missin’ from the snap at the bottom I said ‘That thing’s seen better days, daddy you should toss it’ And he said, ‘Darlin’ I can’t’ Steve expected me to be wearing my jean jacket. I hadn’t seen […]


New York City, JUST LIKE I PICTURED IT! I made it back to Fun City babe, and I’m gonna be up all night. Remember when Stevie Wonder was on his hot streak, when he could do no wrong? I still think “Talking Book” is the best, and I seem to be one of the few […]

Goin(g) Down

Going Down Up all night with Freddie King I got to tell you, poker’s his thing Grand Funk Railroad was a joke. Hyped by radio advertising regarding their supposed success at the Atlanta Pop Festival they were the original heartland rock act, loved in the flyover states, when those still existed, abhorred on the coasts. […]


Duchess Speaking of stereos… I heard “Duchess” on Deep Tracks the other day. If I hadn’t been in my car, I would have written about it right then. And she dreamed that every time she performed Everyone would cry for more I’m not sure I even knew these lyrics back when, even though I had […]