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Peace And Love

Peace And Love Riding around in a Volkswagen van Thinking ’bout the people upside down in Japan I grew up on three-quarters of an acre, not uncommon in the suburbs, and I distinctly remember lying on my back staring at the sun in the backyard contemplating if I just dug deep enough I’d end up […]

Snail Mail

Spotify YouTube I ignored the hype. But then I got hooked by the banner on Spotify. Oh, you can turn it off. Over to the right, in grey, it says “Hide Announcements,” and then these banners will disappear, but do you want them to? I don’t want to read another story of a musician wise […]


Spotify (23,755,910 streams) YouTube (18,933,707 views) Don’t get me wrong, it’s pretty cool to be on TV So all the folks back home can see me Podcast or music? I was hiking in the mountains listening to my library, all the tracks I ripped and stole at the turn of the century. Funny how our […]

McCartney On Carpool Karaoke

One day Paul McCartney is gonna die. And we’re never gonna believe he was ever alive. We thought rock and roll was forever. And then David Bowie passed. Glenn Frey. Prince and Tom Petty. You’re getting the impression you’d better see your favorite classic act now, because they truly might not be around anymore. Not […]