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Strange Days

I bought it the day I went to see “Last Summer” with my mother at Fairfield U., it was a screening with Frank and Eleanor Perry in attendance. I remember Frank saying they only used source music, that there was no score. And I was instantly wowed by Barbara Hershey, I didn’t seem to remember […]

Adam Schlesinger

Adam Schlesinger – spotify Now wait a minute, didn’t they tell us this was not going to happen? That if you weren’t over 65, the odds of dying from Covid-19 were slim, but if you were over seventy to watch out? _____ From: James Risk Re: News Update-Day 20 My 22 yr old daughter, Phoebe, […]

Tom Odell

This Is Tom Odell – Spotify Tom Odell – Another Love – YouTube “Another Love” was a hit everywhere on the continent, going to #10 in the U.K. and #1 in Belgium, as well as being #11 in France and Germany and #6 in the Netherlands. But in America? Crickets, the track did not chart. […]

The Luck Reunion

You can’t watch it. There are two immutable internet paradigms: 1. Everybody won’t be aware of what you are doing, no way, there’s no way to reach everybody, the channel is just too clogged. 2. We live in an on demand culture, people want to experience it when they want to experience it. Of course, […]