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Video Lyrics Maybe you should read the lyrics first. “Wet Ass Pussy.” There, I said it, do you need to stop reading now? Does it offend your sense of propriety? Should little girls be seen but not heard? Has culture gone to hell in a handbasket? Can you handle the shenanigans of our president but […]

Priscilla Block

Priscilla Block I’d never heard of this woman before today. But right now she’s got the #1 track on iTunes… WHO? So I started Googling, so far it’s just the country outlets with the story, not even “Billboard” has run one, HitsDailyDouble is silent…but Priscilla Block’s song “Just About Over You” is charting ahead of […]

Why Does It Take So Long To Say Goodbye

Spotify YouTube Sometimes there’s no room for you in the conventional business. If you look at the Spotify Top 50, if you check out the execs at the big three major labels, you may scratch your head and ask yourself WHAT IS THIS AND WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? It’s like the mainstream recording business is […]

Once In A Lifetime

Once In A Lifetime – Spotify Once In A Lifetime – YouTube It’s really hard to write a hit song. I’m not talking about one that tops the chart, but one that grabs the listener and won’t let go, that makes you feel good every time you hear it. I’m a fan of this guy. […]