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Hi Bob, Still, Jethro Tull have never even been nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Go Figure! Best, Terry Ellis ________________________________ I remember having lunch with Ian when I was running the Chrysalis Music Group USA. He was not the easiest of men to get on with, and didn’t like sycophants. I […]

Re-Thick As A Brick

A quick note: In my 51 years, just never have been into Tull. But after your “Thick As A Brick” email, I listened to a bunch of the catalog. And now totally dig the music. Thanks for smacking me on the forehead… Todd Schnick _______________________________________ As a dj at WSUA (carrier current SUNY Albany 1970-1974), […]

Thick As A Brick

1 “Really don’t mind if you sit this one out” Actually people have been sitting Jethro Tull out for decades. Ian Anderson is not a warm character, he kept changing the band’s members and then he stole Metallica’s Grammy through no fault of his own, the Grammy voters erred, but the stink is, unfairly, upon […]

Rodham I wish I’d read this when I’d grown up, it would have answered so many questions! I’m a big Curtis Sittenfeld fan. I started with “Prep.” I went to public school, but in college 45% of the students had come from prep schools. They were different. And you can’t explain them to people who […]