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From: Greg McLoughlin Subject: Re: Everybody Is A Star Bob, Let me tell you quickly about what is working for me. I have done a 90 minute live stream on Facebook every Monday night since March 2020. An average of 15 to 20 people watch per week. About seven or eight of those people watch every […]

Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

Playlist: 1 There’s yet to be an Animals renaissance. Most of the acts of the British Invasion were sunny, optimistic, or if dangerous, not too much so. Whereas the Animals… By time they had success in the U.S. these British acts were featured on TV, so we saw Eric Burdon and his bandmates and…they […]

The Grammy Postponement

This is a chance for the organization to get up to date. What I’m proposing is an 86 night extravaganza on social media highlighting the nominees in each and every category. Let’s speak English. The Grammys can’t afford to piss off CBS, its benefactor. Without that big check the Grammys are SOL. But when you’re […]