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Marcus King

The track is “One Day She’s Here.” It’s funky! Did you watch the Chiefs game? I didn’t, I don’t think I’ve watched an iota of football this year, but I’ve read about Patrick Mahomes, I’ve been following him ever since he broke into the league, you see he’s revolutionized the game. The ground attack, the […]

The Toilet Bowl Cleaners

“Poop In My Fingernails” is a hit! Like I told you, I read the newspapers from cover to cover. I start with the L.A. “Times,” because there’s so little in it. I check Calendar for the entertainment news, but so much of it is hype/fluff. Then the scores in Sports. The California section, to see […]

Marie Fredriksson

Hello, you fool, I love you C’mon join the joyride I thought “The Look” was a novelty song. Swedish band crosses over for their one hit wonder and then disappears. You know, like Shocking Blue and “Venus.” Actually both tracks are similar, with indelible guitar hooks and simple concepts. Was “The Look” accidental genius, or […]


Matchbox Well I’m sitting here wonderin’ Will a matchbox hold my clothes I didn’t buy “Something New.” I already had all the “Hard Day’s Night” songs on the soundtrack album. And I certainly didn’t need a German version of “I Want To Hold Your Hand.” But there were a couple of new tracks that I […]