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Ric Ocasek

1 My internist says if I do what he says, I will never die of a heart attack. Actually, he sent me to a heart specialist, because my cholesterol number is insane. This doctor, Sandra Fallon, gets this in-depth test and then creates a program for the individual. I take 5 mg of Crestor every […]

Eddie Money

Eddie Money – Spotify 1 It’s hard to write a hit. But from the moment he had one, the critics savaged Eddie Money. It started with “Baby Hold On.” The lyrics were not intellectual enough for the cognoscenti. But the music was undeniable, you heard it once and got it whereas so much vaunted stuff, […]

Talking Back To The Night

It’s not on streaming services. Oh, it’s on Deezer, where I’m listening now, but that’s the difference between U.S. and Europe, licensing, almost twenty years later the industry still hasn’t gotten its act together, even major label stuff is unavailable, like Steve Winwood’s 1982 album “Talking Back To The Night.” Oh, you can hear “Valerie,” […]

Fear Inoculum

Are you listening to this new Tool album? I can’t turn it off! It takes you into uncharted territory and cares not a whit about the rest of the landscape, what’s a hit, what’s streaming…it exists in its own space. Now once upon a time Led Zeppelin was heavy metal, I kid you not. And […]