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Ry Cooder “Better Not Shake It No Mo'”

Ry Cooder “Better Not Shake It No Mo’” This is so right, yet so wrong. Right in concept, wrong in execution, marketing that is. You can’t get your message heard. All the traditional intermediaries are long in the tooth and near worthless. Talk to the acts that get their records reviewed in the newspaper, it […]

Second Try

The Savoy Brown Anthology I knew the Savoy Brown Blues Band but never heard them. They were always billed at the Fillmore, but New York radio did not play them. It was the opposite of today’s situation, my inbox is filled with people who’ve never heard of Twenty One Pilots, but their music is just […]

“My Blood” Twenty One Pilots

“My Blood” Twenty One Pilots This is a hit! At first, for the initial twenty seven seconds, it seems generic, not much different from everything else, au courant, albeit employing the drum machine sound of the early eighties. And then, after that, it takes a turn, and then at forty two seconds in another, and […]

Tom Johnston-This Week’s Podcast

Tom Johnston/Doobies Playlist 1 Just when you think you got a good thing It seems to slip away I was not a fan of the Doobie Brothers. “Listen To The Music” exploded on to the airwaves when I was in college, far from reality, in Middlebury, Vermont. All we had for radio was the college […]