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Under The Graveyard

Under The Graveyard – Spotify Under The Graveyard – YouTube What kind of crazy fucked-up world do we live in where Ozzy Osbourne releases his best new track in eons and no one knows? One in which Ozzy has become so overexposed with story as opposed to music he’s become a cartoon character, and one […]

Jealous Again

There’s no video online. I thought I didn’t care about the Black Crowes reunion. I’ve known about it for months, felt that it was a dash for cash, everybody’s got to pay their bills, it was interesting to me on a business level at best. And when I heard Chris and Rich doing their best […]

Brandi Carlile Does Joni Mitchell’s Blue

It was a religious experience. The only song I clapped for was “California,” otherwise I sat there transfixed, driven deep into my own soul. How often do you go to a show and know every word, literally? Joni Mitchell was a known quantity because of “Both Sides Now” and “The Circle Game.” Actually, Joni’s songs […]

Gold Dust Woman

There’s more bottom, more clarity on Amazon Music HD. I thought the guy was gonna come and repair/finish the file cabinet today. They shipped me a replacement part, but it turns out he’s coming on Monday. So I decided to set up my Playbar. I got one for hosting a panel for Sonos a few […]