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The Git Up

The Git Up – Blanco Brown + Lainey Wilson – YouTube The Git Up By Blanco Brown – Spotify It’s not number one. There’s all these hosannas about Blanco Brown’s “The Git Up” going #1 on the “Billboard” country chart…BUT THAT’S NOT THE CHART THAT MATTERS! Country is driven by radio. And “The Git Up” […]


Lebanon Strasburg turned me on to this. That’s right, now promoters give you the tips. They see everything, they know what’s reacting or not, whereas record company people hype you on their wares. This is what Don said: “You heard J.S. Ondara yet? Check track called Lebanon. There is hope” So I did, Don’s right, […]


They’ve been trying to get Andy Zax on the podcast. Zax is the archivist responsible for Woodstock complete, the 38 CD set coming out this summer. I wasn’t sure. I don’t know the guy, hadn’t heard of him previously, so I asked for more information, on him and the project. After a bunch of e-mails, […]

Country Road

We didn’t make beats, we played the guitar. I’m reading this book “The Dog Stars” because I just finished “The River” and I wanted more. They’re both by Peter Heller. Who I found accidentally with “Celine,” but didn’t realize this until I was researching later. I don’t like to recommend books that are not a […]