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It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)

It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) I was not a Bob Dylan fan. Of course we sang “Blowin’ In The Wind” at summer camp, but this was long before the rock press, and I hadn’t even reached puberty, I thought it was a Peter, Paul & Mary song. Same deal with “The Times They Are […]

I Guess I Just Feel Like

I Guess I Just Feel Like – Spotify I Guess I Just Feel Like – YouTube This is Saturday night music… For those who don’t want to bump asses in the club, who don’t want to dress up and go out to eat but just want to stay home and lay back, drift, recover from […]

Blue Avenue

I gotta quit this habit It’s like this drug for you Actually, after a ruinous New Year’s Eve I was finally recovering, finally seeing a road unfolding in the future. She’d left back in May the year before and for a long time I thought she’d come back, but she didn’t. And then just when […]

White Room

I rarely practiced. But I think Guy needed the money. At first I took guitar lessons with my sister at some folkie’s house. That’s what you learned back then, Peter, Paul & Mary were kings, or queens. The teacher was a housewife, my mother heard about her through the grapevine. The smaller the community, the […]