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Tom Corson-This Week’s Podcast

Tom Corson is the co-chairman and chief operating officer of Warner Records. Listen… iheart spotify apple stitcher

More Irishman

“Did ‘The Irishman’ Take a Bite Out of the Thanksgiving Box Office” “Don’t blame Netflix’s ‘The Irishman’ for the Thanksgiving box office being down this year” Just the fact they’re debating this proves the point. “The Irishman” on Netflix was an event. Other than “Frozen,” was there a picture in the theatre you had to […]

The Five

He got what he wanted. And he wanted me. Some movies you never forget, like “Tell No One.” A French production of a Harlan Coben novel. Yup, that used to be a badge of honor, going to foreign films, but now no one wants to read subtitles. So I’m always looking for shows to watch. […]


Do you fit in? Do you have the answer to everything? Are you always happy, always on the up and up? Then “Atypical” is not a show for you. What blows my mind about Netflix shows is there’s no hype. That’s reserved for movies. Have you read the Friday arts sections in the “New York […]