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“Clark” On Netflix

Trailer: I’ve succumbed to the Netflix algorithm. What I mean by that is I’m investigating the service’s suggestions, which I always pooh-poohed. I seem to have seen all the low-hanging fruit, the best rated TV series of all time. I’m always hoovering for more, and it isn’t an easy job, I need something that […]

Harold Bronson’s Book

“Time Has Come Today: Rock and Roll Diaries 1967-2007”: I couldn’t put it down. And I wasn’t planning to read it at all. I figured I’d skim it, tell Harold about some positive points and move on. But I was hooked, I was gobsmacked, because this was my life. I tell my shrink all […]


From: Andy Gould Subject: Re: Sweet Sounds Of Heaven Well said Bob, having heard the track 9 times, I think I now believe in time travel just for 7 and a half minutes I was back on the floor of my first flat (apartment ) reading liner notes and getting lost in the music and […]

Jay Cooper-This Week’s Podcast

Nonagenarian entertainment attorney Jay Cooper is as wise, insightful and sharp as ever. Tune in to hear the story of a musician who became a lawyer and is as excited about the business today as he was yesterday.