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Kaskade-This Week’s Podcast

I loved talking to Ryan, that’s his real name, you learn the genesis of his stage moniker in this podcast. He grew up in Northbrook, Illinois and got infected by the Chicago house music scene. Then he brought his records to BYU where he flailed. After his mission in Japan, he was a tour guide […]


Educated: A Memoir Every family is a cult. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to break out of it. I grew up fifty miles from New York City. My mother was the life of the party, my father expounded upon truth every day. It wasn’t until I went to college that I […]

Oscar Changes

You don’t react, you LEAD! You don’t try to save your old business, you invent a new one! But don’t expect the Academy to be savvy about its own business. This is the story of disruption, this is the story of Netflix stealing eyeballs from the traditional players. Meanwhile, Bob Iger says Disney is so […]

Jim McCarthy-This Week’s Podcast

He runs Goldstar. Don’t know what Goldstar is? Go to and sign up, it’s free! And what will you find there? Events. Goldstar is in the events business. Turning you on, finding something for you to do. Most tickets are discounted, but not all. At first Goldstar had a bad rep, devaluing concert tickets. […]