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Get Back-Part Three

I used to ski with Scott Brooksbank, the World Freestyle Champion. Every day he was just one of us, but when he hit competition he took it up a notch, he was SPECTACULAR! As were the Beatles on the roof of the Apple building. You can’t appreciate how great they were unless you’ve watched the […]

Brinsley Schwarz-This Week’s Podcast

Brinsley Schwarz was a king of the pub rock scene with his own band and then became a member of the Rumour, which backed up Graham Parker and ultimately released records under its own moniker. Brinsley went on to work as a guitar tech in a music shop and then reunited with Graham Parker after […]

The Power Of The Dog

Trailer: I thought it was based on the Don Winslow book. When I know I’m going to see a movie I don’t read the reviews. The unfolding experience is what entrances me, which is why I’m so pissed that trailers reveal so much. Then again, I never go to the movies anymore so I […]

Donny & Chris

DONNY OSMOND: Best…podcast ..EVER!  James Spencer __________________________________ I didn’t think you’d match the Paul Anka so soon, but you did! His honest answers to your blunt questions were awesome, and the little digressions (“why Android instead of Apple?”) were great too. I loved it!
 Mark B. Spiegel __________________________________ I just listened to the Spotify interview interview you […]