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Jaan Uhelszki-This Week’s Podcast

Jaan Uhelszki was senior editor at “Creem” and is the co-writer of the new documentary on the legendary music magazine. Listen to hear tales of Lester Bangs, her appearance on stage with KISS, how Ronnie Van Zant predicted his death and how Cameron Crowe inspired the arc of the film. Jaan’s got stories, and she […]

The Go-Go’s Movie

MTV broke the Go-Go’s. As late as the seventies, there were two Americas, the cities and the rest of the country, the hip and the non-hip, the clued-in and those out of the loop. But MTV started the long march towards unification, cable TV and the internet completed the journey, and now nobody is big, […]

Don Passman-This Week’s Podcast

Attorney Don Passman literally wrote the book on the music business: “All You Need to Know About the Music Business.” Here we delve deeply into today’s deal landscape, as well as Don’s story, how he got to be one of the foremost lawyers in the music business. If you want to know about record deals, […]

The Ballad Of Tommy LiPuma

The Ballad of Tommy LiPuma These books always suck. A friend, or the writer himself, believes someone with a foothold in the music business once upon a time, even a household name, deserves to have their story written and the result is…unreadable. First and foremost because the author can’t write. And they don’t understand one […]