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Farzi (Fakes)

Amazon Prime: Trailer: The highlight of my day is watching streaming television. Whether it be after six or after ten, when I’m done with my work, we hit the Roku and jump into another series. As I’ve stated previously, for some reason I can’t watch these shows sans Felice. Sure, there are a […]

Lucky Hank

We’re watching “Farzi (“Fakes” in English), on Amazon Prime. It’s really good. A reader hipped me to it, otherwise I doubt I’d ever find it. Distribution is king. As a matter of fact, they point that out in “Farzi”! There’s a plethora of business wisdom in “Farzi.” It might have gotten more traction on Netflix, […]

Davey Johnstone-This Week’s Podcast

Davey Johnstone, guitarist and musical director for Elton John, has an amazing memory…learn not only about his history, from folkie to rocker, but the recording of Elton John tracks and more!


“Unscripted: The Epic Battle for a Media Empire and the Redstone Family Legacy”: He called his daughter the c-word, on more than one occasion. I’d tell you that’s all you need to know, but there’s more, much more. I only picked up this book because it was co-written by James B. Stewart, author of […]