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YouTube is a great way to advertise, and it’s free! For me, YouTube isn’t about monetization (I have enough subscribers, but don’t post material often enough to qualify). It’s about creating awareness of my “brand” that’s monetized in other ways. Those “other ways” also promote the YouTube channel. For one of my eBooks, all the audio […]


“What’s on TV? For Many Americans, It’s Now YouTube – People spent nearly 10% of their TV-viewing time watching the service, home to videos by creators like MrBeast” Free link: Seems obvious from afar, but the devil is in the details. Yes, people are all over YouTube on their smartphones, on their tablets and […]

John Ondrasik-This Week’s Podcast

John Ondrasik, aka “Five for Fighting,” recently returned from a performance of his song “OK” in Tel Aviv. We talk about this as well as John’s songs about Afghanistan and Ukraine as well as his hits “Superman” and “100 Years” and how he made it. John is erudite and articulate, you’ll want to listen to […]

Chris Lord-Alge-This Week’s Podcast

Mixer extraordinaire!