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El Camino

It wasn’t great, but at least you find out what happens to Jesse Pinkman. This is what happens when you give someone too much money. Not Jesse, but Vince Gilligan. What was notable about “Breaking Bad” was how fast and flat it was shot, demonstrating the capital constraints of basic cable. And “Breaking Bad” did […]

Hillbilly Elegy

Hillbilly Elegy Anybody who’s a friend of Peter Thiel is not a friend of mine. Well, not exactly, but what bugged me about the press for this book is that they neglected to point out J.D. Vance’s entrenchment with right wingers, as in this book was seen as an insight into the poor white underbelly […]

Peter Paterno-This Week’s Podcast

Attorney extraordinaire Peter Paterno represents a who’s who of clients. Listen to hear his story from Orange County to Harvey Mudd to signing Queen at Hollywood Records to Metallica to Dr. Dre to “Blurred Lines” to… iheart spotify apple stitcher

Ron Stone-This Week’s Podcast

Manager Ron Stone has been involved with everybody from Crosby, Stills & Nash to Joni Mitchell to Bonnie Raitt to Rickie Lee Jones. Listen to hear tales of what it was like in L.A. in the sixties and more! iheart apple spotify stitcher