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Jeff Garlin-This Week’s Podcast

Yes, Larry David’s manager Jeff Greene on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and Murray Goldberg from “The Goldbergs.” Jeff talks about both of those shows, going into how he convinced Larry to do the special that led to the series, as well as talking about his comedy career. He knew his future path upon seeing Jimmy Durante […]


What kind of crazy, fucked-up world do we live in where a Korean boy band sings to track and blows away every performance on SNL this year? One in which Blackpink has been the highlight of Coachella so far. I mean you want to hate BTS, on principle. It’s manufactured, we’ve seen this movie before. […]

The Podcast Is BACK!

Yes, today, and every Thursday hereafter! I’ve switched distributors from TuneIn to iHeart, but now we’re up and running with a bunch in the can and I know you will be titillated and delighted with the new content. This week’s guest…Billy Bragg. Yes, you know the name, but do you know the man? You’d love […]


How’d he go from zero to hero overnight? Identity, credibility, owning his viewpoints and expressing them. Sound like a rock star? That’s what they used to have before everybody wanted to be a brand, when the penumbra became more important than the music. The identity… You practiced, you didn’t emerge out of nowhere fully-formed. Duane […]