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The Oscars

This is what happens when money supersedes art. The problem with the film business is it doesn’t realize time has already passed it by, that the paradigm it claims to operate under has expired. This is a business story. Smart business people get ahead of the audience. That’s the wisdom of Spotify…give people what they […]

Undercover “Valley of Tears” was too violent for Felice. But I recommend it, it’s an Israeli series on HBO Max about the 1973 war, incredibly well done, not that I’ve finished it yet, I’m six episodes in, and when Felice dropped out I switched to my iPad and it just didn’t have the same effect, […]

Slava Rubin-This Week’s Podcast

Slava Rubin was a cofounder and CEO of crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and in addition to being a founder and managing partner of investment firm humbition, he is now executive chairman of Vincent Alternative Investments, check it out: We discuss Slava’s history, but we also go deep into alternative investments, i.e. NFTs and other assets […]


How small do you want to be? No one, and I mean NO ONE, has ever grown a larger audience as a result of a crowdfunding campaign or presence on Patreon, it’s just a way to milk your already existing fans for more money. And it’s fine if you like the cash, but don’t delude […]