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Bill Browder-This Week’s Podcast

Bill Browder is the author of “Red Notice” and “Freezing Order,” which delineate his investments in Russia and the ultimate death of his attorney Sergei Magnitsky after he refuses to back down on his accusation that Russian government officials fraudulently claimed a $230 million tax refund for Browder’s company, Hermitage Capital. We cover Browder’s history […]

Re-The Skunk Baxter Podcast

Bob, I just wanted to comment on your masterful interview with Jeff. To hear two individuals on such an even playing field intellectually was both heartfelt and “fact felt”. Tempo was awesome, not a dull moment. Thank you for spotlighting an amazing musician and genuinely interesting human being. Sincerely, Dann Huff ___________________________________ Thank you, Thank […]

Hacks-Season 2

It’s got a tone problem. As in whipsawing from believable to farce so two-dimensional you want to shut the damn program down. But Jean Smart is so GOOD! How did we get here? Replicating the old TV model with the new? In case you’ve been under a rock, it appears that all streaming video outlets […]

The Arista Book

“Looking for the Magic: New York City, the ’70s and the Rise of Arista Records”: 1 I wasn’t interested. Another testimonial to self-aggrandizing Clive Davis. But that’s not what it is. Bob Merlis sent the hype and at first I ignored it, but then I said “what the hell” and asked him to send […]