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Steve Schnur-This Week’s Podcast

Talking to Electronic Arts’ President of Music Steve Schnur was the highlight of my week, and I’m not even a gamer! It made me excited about music. It made me envy his job. Listen and you’ll get excited too! (And learn plenty!)

Neil Young On The Zach Sang Show

“Neil Young Talks World Record, Harvest 50th Anniversary, Elon Musk, Joni Mitchell & Climate Change”: You’ve got to listen to this. I’d never even heard of this guy Zach Sang before today, but this interview was referenced in my Twitter feed. I know, I should delete my account. But you’ve got to realize, I’m […]

Linda Ronstadt-This Week’s Podcast

Linda Ronstadt has a new book, “Feels Like Home,” about the Sonoran Borderlands where she grew up. We talk about her youth, Lucy’s El Adobe, meeting musicians and making records, politics…

The Media And The Election

Now who do we trust? The story of the election is the failure of the Red Wave to materialize. And based on my political leanings, this was a good thing. But the overwhelming Republican victories were not only predicted on Fox News, but in the “New York Times,” the “Washington Post”…supposed bastions of liberalism. So […]