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I’m sick of reading how funny and great SNL is. Chevy Chase must have a new publicist, because suddenly he’s everywhere, most notably the “Washington Post,” where he laments no one will hire him, that Lorne won’t let him host SNL because he’s too old. And then Chevy goes on to say SNL sucks. It […]

Programming Notes

THE PODCAST We are switching distributors, so we’re on hiatus for a bit, but we’re definitely coming back, much sooner rather than later. SIRIUS XM VOLUME 106 This week’s guest is Dorothy Carvello, who wrote “Anything For A Hit.” You can read what I wrote about her book here Once again, Dorothy tells the tales […]


Kanye West’s pro-Trump remarks prompt boos in SNL studio What kind of crazy fucked-up world do we live in where a black musician takes the white viewpoint and gets traction? One in which there’s no white musician of stature to stand up to him. Except, of course, maybe a country musician. Then again, Eric Church […]

Distribution Is King Redux

Last night we watched “Active Measures” on Hulu. You didn’t see it. It’s had little impact. Because Hulu has few subscribers. To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t have seen it either, except the outlet gave me a three month subscription to view another of their shows. Last weekend Michael Moore opened his new movie […]