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Phil Schiller On Twitter

@butterflyylost I hope that fixes it. If not send me an email at and I’ll forward it to AppleCare. HE’S GIVING OUT HIS E-MAIL ADDRESS? Isn’t it funny that music executives think they’re moguls, gods who function separately from their customers, and the tech guys are readily accessible. And the story is not only […]


When Google starts from scratch, it’s a disaster.  Like Google TV, Dead On Arrival, have you been reading the reviews, even the tech superstars can’t figure it out and Sony’s already lowered the price! Then there’s Google Wave… But when they acquire a company, watch out. Look at YouTube.  A category killer as well as […]


DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ But read this: "Global superstar or massive PR hoax?" __________________________________________ FOOD TRUCKS Read this article re Heavenly Ski Resort utilizing trucks to promote the ski area: Marketers Discover Trucks Can Deliver More Than Food And don’t skip over this just because you don’t like skiing.  The point of the article […]

Tiny Furniture

It was made on a Canon EOS 7D.  A digital SLR. In case you’re out of the loop, "Tiny Furniture" is the hippest film out there.  "The New Yorker" raved about Lena Dunham in an extended profile Downtown’s Daughter and "The Wall Street Journal" lauded the film comic ‘Tiny Furniture’ debuts a big talent You’d […]