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Customer Care

Do I have iWork? I’m the type of guy who needs everything to run right.  Yup, I go to the dealer and carefully delineate every flaw in my automobile.  That’s one reason I’m never going to buy another German car, not unless I get really rich, I took my machine to the Subaru dealer for […]

Artist Development

Is about taking chances. When oldsters complain that there’s no more artist development, what they’re really saying is labels are no longer interested in signing the outsiders, the weird, the risky, and staying with them for four or five LPs to see what they turn into. Once upon a time, most record labels weren’t multinational […]

The Death Of RIM

If one function devices could continue to triumph, the iPod would not be supplanted by the iPhone. A friend just asked me if I was on BBM.  That’s BlackBerry Messenger for the uninitiated.  And many may never be initiated, because BlackBerry is so 2001.  Or 5.  Or maybe even 6 or 7, but certainly not […]

The Black Eyed Peas At The Super Bowl

It’s great!  Fantastic!  Because finally the NFL figured out that it exists in the twenty first century and classic rock is aged music from another era and represents not a whit what is happening in the game today. Hell, the soundtrack of the NFL is hip-hop.  But they can’t say that or the white folk […]