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Vancouver At Night

Have you read that book "Snow Falling On Cedars"?  No, not seen the movie.  The movie, which got mediocre reviews, ruins the experience.  The real truth is in your mind.  A great book is fully fleshed out in your brain, you can not only see it, but FEEL IT! About a decade ago, after a […]


Is Terry McBride a visionary or just another manager looking for a buck? Terry McBride must have the same DNA as Steve Jobs.  Because when you listen to them, it’s hard to find the holes, they seem to have it all figured out, you nod your head in agreement.  But are you just swept up […]

Vancouver-Right Now

So what’s the policy on talking in the bathroom?  I don’t mean with a buddy, I mean IN THE STALL! I’ll admit it, I do occasionally speak and shit.  But IN MY OWN HOUSE!  And I’ll check my BlackBerry in a public stall, but TALK?  I mean I’m sitting down doing my business in LAX […]

This Is Hilarious

I don’t believe in self-hype. I know, I know, you can’t get anywhere without TELLING people about yourself.  But every time I think of promoting myself I think of the words from "The Disco Strangler"… Sayin, ‘Look at me, baby, look at me. I’m beautiful, I’m beautiful, I’m somebody.’ Well, maybe you need more context… […]