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Is 708,000 a disappointment? I’ll posit it is. If you’re all over radio and TV, if this is all you can sell, then either you’re a has-been or it’s just about impossible to gain the country’s attention. Then again, is it evidence of the decline of rap? OF COURSE this is a good number.  But […]

How It Works

Bob, I have enjoyed your blog, I just joined a week ago and ironically, Wayne Kirkpatrick and Little Big Town are good friends of mine. I am forwarding your kind words about the group to them. If you want to feel the influence of the producer on the group check this out..Go to itunes and […]

More Tracks

"Had A Dream"Bird York MySpace doesn’t do this cut justice.  But you MUST check it out: Bird York. They must stream at about 56k, or use some kind of compression that does the music a disservice, on MySpace.  Because even the MP3 I stole ripped at 128 sounds completely different/much better.  Oh, to hear this […]

Little Big Town

Do you feel inadequate, do you just feel out of touch, that you don’t know what’s going on, and when people play you new stuff you think it’s discordant and lousy?  Then you’re about to be rescued.  By Little Big Town. From: Tommy Daley Bob- I don’t know if you’ve heard about this country band […]