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God, Your Mama, And Me

God, Your Mama, And Me – Spotify God, Your Mama, And Me – YouTube (It’s blocked, but you can hear a snippet) Everybody hates Florida Georgia Line but its fans. One of the biggest acts in country, FGL is excoriated by traditionalists and so many modern listeners, but they keep burning up the charts because […]

Willy Wonka

It was a stiff upon release. It cost $3 million and grossed $4 million in a pre-home video era. In other words, it lost money, with only half of gross receipts coming back to the studio. Sure, there was television income, but this was pre-cable. No one knew the movie and no one knew the […]

The Black Pastrami Reuben

It was the sauerkraut that put it over the top. Don’t let yourself get too hungry, that’s what my nutritionist says. And I’ve been oh-so-good, avoiding carbs, last Thursday I was at a dinner party where Tom Windish and his bride-to-be brought a blueberry pie and a three berry cake from Sweet Lady Jane and […]

VMA Ratings Crash

“Ratings Are No Hit for MTV Video Music Awards” It’s the content, stupid. 24 million people tuned into Fox last August to see the initial Republican debate. But only 6.5 million people tuned into a multiplicity of Viacom channels to watch the train-wreck known as the VMAs. It was an unwatchable show. Unmoored from its […]