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More Frank Ocean

Apple is not threatening Universal. After all, it’s just business. And in business, you protect your turf. Prognosticators are saying this is the end, that since Frank Ocean’s second LP of last weekend was independent, not under contract to Universal, we’re at the advent of a new era wherein power shifts from the label to […]

Virtual Reality How To

You’re gonna want to be sitting down. Daniel Glass wanted to know if I’d seen the “New York Times” VR video of the retaking of Fallujah. Alas, I’d thrown the viewer out when it came with the paper way back when. Didn’t know I was doing that, but realized it after the fact, when the […]

The Twisted Sister Movie

It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock ‘n roll. In Jay Jay French’s case, ten years. Dee Snider? From the time he joined it took six plus years to get a deal, and then the record company went bankrupt. I don’t care about Twisted Sister, I occasionally get e-mail from Jay […]

A Hard Day’s Night Live At The Hollywood Bowl

All Songs +1: The Beatles Are Live And Sounding Better Than Ever What kind of crazy fucked up world do we live in where a fifty year old recording of a defunct band trumps the work of the modern masters? One in which most acts play to track in search of perfection and have lived […]