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You can’t, because everybody believes they’re right. I used to answer my e-mail, until I realized that it had little to do with me, other than to tear me down and make me feel inadequate. And if you don’t think I’m nervous before I hit send, that I don’t do my best to make sure […]

Can We Stop Talking About…

ALBUMS Coldplay sells an anemic 384,000 copies and in a few weeks it’ll be over, like it never came out, even those who bought it will be done with it. Just like the Black Keys, who debuted at number one with 164,000 and then sold only 54,000 in week two. And they think they’re winning […]

Rhinofy-Jefferson Airplane Primer

What kind of crazy world do we live in where Jefferson Starship is remembered and Jefferson Airplane is not? SOMEBODY TO LOVE This is where it all began. Actually, it isn’t, there was a previous album with a different singer, but “Surrealistic Pillow” featured Grace Slick who was cool and tough and the girls adored […]

The Beats Deal

Blame it on Bob Morgado. Who? That’s just the point. This guy single-handedly destroyed the Warner Music Group, by believing it was about making the trains run on time, short term profit and loss, by not knowing that business is all about people. Huh? Warner was the dream team. Not the umbrella company, but the […]