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1. Sales count. They’re almost as irrelevant as the old billboards on the Sunset Strip, they’re a way to stroke the egos of the players involved. It’s no longer whether someone buys your album, but whether they listen to it, that’s the relevant metric that everybody seems to ignore as they trumpet the anemic, irrelevant […]

Billy Joel At The Hollywood Bowl

He didn’t play “Just The Way You Are,” but he did play “A Hard Day’s Night.” Huh? I wasn’t a Billy Joel fan. Sure, I heard “Piano Man” emanate from the single speaker of the ’63 Chevy my dad bought in ’73 that was passed down through his children in their last years of college. […]

Steve Perry Returns

EELS w/ Journey lead singer Steve Perry in St Paul Now it’s your turn girl to cry… Na na na na na na, we’re all at home lounging on the long weekend and we check our devices and find out Steve Perry’s returned from the dead and is performing with the Eels in ST. PAUL, […]

Private Equity

Once upon a time you wanted to be a musician. You saw the Beatles on “Ed Sullivan,” heard the catchy tunes, saw the screaming girls, and said…I WANT TO DO THAT! No longer. No one’s got tunes that catchy, hell, do you really want to be Pharrell singing “Happy”? And the lifestyle of musicians pales […]