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Rhinofy-Jan & Dean Primer

Brian Wilson gets all the respect and Jan Berry’s been forgotten and I’m gonna try to rectify that right now. “THE LITTLE OLD LADY (FROM PASADENA)” Because it’s the one you know. When I first heard this in the summer of ’64 I had no idea where Pasadena was, but I was enraptured nonetheless. I […]

The Light

It’s staying light so late! I know, it’s almost Memorial Day. But Memorial Day is no longer the 30th, or was it the 31st? I’m forgetting, it’s been too long since holidays became expedient, Monday affairs so everybody could have a long weekend. Used to be it was Memorial Day that was hot, Labor Day […]

Pat Monahan To Front Led Zeppelin

In my dreams, and they should be Jimmy Page’s too. I love the fact that Robert Plant refuses to go out, but there’s a huge demand to hear Zeppelin’s music, and Jimmy wants to play. He should go on the road with Pat. Who? The guy from Train. Did you listen to his vocals on […]

Stop Breaking Rules

1. Never e-mail an MP3. If you’ve never heard of SoundCloud, why should I bother listening to your MP3, which clutters my inbox, it indicates you’re not savvy enough to know how technology works. 2. No away messages. Is that really how little your job means to you, that when you’re away from your desk […]