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The Beach

The wind is in from Africa, last night I couldn’t sleep Inspiration.  That’s what Joni Mitchell got in the Grecian Isles.  Ain’t it funny about creativity, it doesn’t happen when you sit in front of the computer, but in the shower, in a foreign country, in an alien environment, when unexpected circumstances confront you and […]

TM/LN Synergy

This is what we’ve been waiting for!  Finally, months after approval, the Ticketmaster/Live Nation merger has paid dividends.  Now, if you’re a Ticketmaster customer you’ve just received an e-mail offering you $25 in Live Nation cash when you join the Zagat Wine Club.  Whoopie! Now I’m gonna be so high when ordering tickets I won’t […]

Wreck On The Highway

I exercise good judgment. I don’t do drugs, I didn’t drop out of college and I wear my seatbelt from the moment I fire up my car until it’s safely parked. As a result, I’m often left out and ridiculed. That guy who did mushrooms, who talks about seeing God? That wasn’t me.  Taking chances […]

Rolling Stone/McChrystal

I’m schlepping around Madrid, riding the underground in pursuit of the Reina Sofia, and when we finally arrive we find out we’ve gotten bad information, the museum is closed. That’s the frustration of travel where you don’t know the language.  You can’t drill down and get accurate information.  You make mistakes. Kind of like the […]