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Hi Bob, I just finished "Outliers," as well. After reading the chapter about the 10,000 hours, it occurred to me that by the time "Go All The Way" came out,in 1972, I’d spent 10 years studying the music of my favorite songwriters and writing songs of my own. I was talking to my 86 year […]

33% Off

You know physical retail is on its last legs when Bruce Springsteen creates a special product for Wal-Mart.  It’s like there’s a flood and everyone has retreated to high ground.  In this case, the one location that seems able to sell physical product.  But it’s really more like a drought.  The consumer is no longer […]

Christmas In My Soul

My favorite Christmas record is the Waitresses’ "Christmas Wrapping".  But it’s not the song I hear in my head every holiday season.  That’s Laura Nyro’s "Christmas In My Soul". The decade from 1964-1974 represents the musical Renaissance.  There was only one Renaissance in painting.  It’s not like artists dropped their brushes and drills thereafter, it’s […]

More Bud Prager

I gotta tell you a story about Bud. I was his product manager at A&M for Giant.  I was probably a few months into corporate life when I met him. I really liked him. Bud was full of life, and never minced words. He scared people with his largeness. But he also had a kind […]