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I gotta tell you a story about Bud. I was his product manager at A&M for Giant.  I was probably a few months into corporate life when I met him. I really liked him. Bud was full of life, and never minced words. He scared people with his largeness. But he also had a kind heart. A very kind heart.

Anyway, A&M spent a fortune trying to break Giant. JB did a brilliant job, but the dots just didn’t connect sales wise. Three singles deep and Bud wanted a billboard on Sunset Blvd. for the band. Bud believed with all his heart in the band and he wouldn’t let go. Truth was, and Bud knew it, A&M owned the billboard next to the A&M compound.  It would still cost, but a discount for A&M for sure.  Bud pressed. Senior management balked.  Bud yelled.  This was a matter of pride.  The billboard went up, with a photo of the band.  A large sunburst on the side read, What Would Bud Think?. That was A&M at the time.  They’d take it, but they’d give it too.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the biggest managers.  Passion is no indication of intelligence, but passion with intelligence is an unbeatable combination in the record business.  Bud Prager had it and much more.

Celia Hirschman


Bud was a great manager and a very sweet guy.
I had the honor of managing Felix after Bud, and after Gary Kurfirst.
"Today, Bud Prager was reunited with his old buddy in heaven."
Anyone who knew Felix and how much he loved Bud would have to smile at that thought.
Thanks Bob.




Just a quick note to your subscribers who may be exposed to Rich Totoian’s name and history for the first time. He is the GREATEST living story teller in our industry rivaling Myron Cohen ( a regular on Ed Sullivan) who can dominate a room for hours and stop commerce in a restaurant when he gets started. For all the tributes to Bud who was the consummate manager, his story of Bud "meeting" former Capitol Chairman Bhaskar Menon will have your devotees peeing their pants. Get him to relate it to see the other side of Bud that no one got to see. It’s classic!

Heavy Lenny


I am 32, and a bit younger, but Mountain is one of my favorite bands, so I really appreciated hearing about how Felix ended up producing Cream, and who was behind the scenes making it happen. The passing of Bud is a sad thing, but the music he was behind will live forever. Thank you for writing this great blog.

LC Hendricks


I had the honor to work with Bud at the Fillmore East, then at Atlantic Records.  He was always top shelf and stood up for his acts like very few others.  He did love a good argument but that was part of the game. And we all came out better for it, he was a pleasure to have known and worked with.  RICH, we lost a good man.

Michael Klenfner


Thanks for passing that on.  I just found out yesterday from Frank
Filipetti who found out from Frank Sullivan who had no details.  Bud managed Frank’s career for many years (that torch was passed to me several years ago) and he told me that though he has had a string of somewhat famous and infamous managers that other than myself, Bud was the best manager he ever had.  I will pass this on to Frank who had no idea that he was ill.  He will appreciate this.  Happiest of holidays.

Best, Jill Dell’Abate



I worked with Bud Prager in 1968 and 1969. He was in New York and I was in Toronto. We co-managed a Canadian band called Kensington Market. Felix Papalardi produced both Market albums for Warner Brothers.

I learnt a lot from Bud not the least of which was how to be a gentleman.

He was special and he will be missed.

Bernie Finkelstein


Too young to know of or have interacted with Bud Prager
but NOT too young to have soaked up his influences.
Damn Yankees is still one of my favorite cassettes of all time.  Of course I listen to it on my ipod these days but when it came out I wore that damned cassette out!

Dan Millen


Very moved by all the email on Bud-Evan-his son worked for me and Bud and I worked on several projects.  Loved that man!

Harvey Leeds

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