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I went to nursery school. But we didn’t learn the alphabet, we weren’t getting a jump-start, we were just socializing, granting our parents some free time. I went to kindergarten up the street, at Fairfield Woods Elementary, but I don’t remember learning the alphabet there either, just doing art projects. But first grade, first grade […]

How The World Really Works

Band Leaks Track to BitTorrent, Blames Pirates

Utterly Hysterical

Hypebot Infiltrates Columbia Records Site With Anti-Label Ad

Book Report

The worst thing just happened to me. My book ended. Usually when reading something I fancy, I slow down as the ending comes near. But this time, I wanted to know what happened. Great fiction is not finding out what happened, it’s about stirring up emotions, seeing the parallels in one’s own life. Whereas non-fiction […]