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What excites me is the ring of truth. I’m wandering through this life alone, feeling that no one has the same viewpoint as me and I see or read something and have a EUREKA moment. My heart starts to pump, I feel this warmth inside, I’m EXCITED that someone sees the world the way I […]

Stones To Universal

The only way this deal makes sense for EMI is if the band dies in a plane crash. Hopefully flying commercial. As a result of a terrorist act. The supernova of mourning might then drive catalog sales to the point where paying the band an advance of millions makes sense. But unless this happens before […]

Ode To Billie Joe

Was "Sunshine Superman" a hit during the summer? Actually, it was, I just looked it up. It peaked at number one on August 13th in the summer of ’66. The same summer the Lovin’ Spoonful’s "Summer In The City" was a smash. That track reigned at number one right before Donovan’s hit. It may be […]

Guitar Hero Aerosmith

This is so much harder than Rock Band…you’ve got no idea. Rock Band is for weenies, you can set it up on easy and cruise along. Whereas the entrance fee to Guitar Hero is…ATTENTION, DEDICATION, PERSEVERANCE! I usually read the instruction booklet, I want a fighting chance. But so excited about playing, I breezed right […]