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“4 Reasons Why Music Careers Are Getting Trounced By Tech”   From: mabeckerlaw Re: Hype I like Jenny Lewis… I really liked Rilo Kiley… but everything here rings true. Sometimes I feel like you’re railing at Niche players like her and my alt country fetish but really you’re just railing at people who try to […]


It’s not news, it’s an awareness campaign! I gave up reading the “Arts & Leisure” section. Because every article contained therein was linked to a product. There was no story, just a desire to make me know a new movie, play or record was coming out and I should buy it. Kind of like the […]

The Little Diner

He made the onion rings from scratch! I don’t know about you, but I’m confused by modern life. I grew up in the sixties, when the middle class ruled, when we’d never heard of private jets and the mantra of my generation was to be all you could be, yes, the army ripped us off. […]


I fell on my butt. I was coming down the stairs with a Coke in my hand when my feet started to slip. And it’s funny how these things happen in slow motion. One foot might gain purchase, maybe I can right myself, this could be near-miss, a close call discussed for an hour or […]