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The Coronavirus

Paranoia strikes deep Into your life it will creep “For What It’s Worth” Buffalo Springfield It’s gonna kill the concert business. The good news? Many tickets are sold a year out, maybe more, especially to the most lucrative tours. The bad news? Will promoters have to give all that money back when ticketholders are too […]

Narcos Mexico-Season 2

It’s more about thought than action, although plenty of people are shot and beat-up. But it all comes down to this…do you want to be a cog in the system or control the system? This is the issue confronting America today. Used to be the cogs were well-taken care of. They had high-paying jobs for […]

Emilio Castillo-This Week’s Podcast

Emilio Castillo is the only person who’s been in every iteration of Tower of Power. It was a joy talking to Emilio, hearing how he formed the band, their various record deals, rehab, marriage, Bill Graham, Ted Templeman… Even if you think you’re not interested in TOP you will love Emilio’s stories, learning how he […]

Tonight’s Debate

This election is about hope. I am utterly astounded that the media and most of those running, never mind the consultants, just don’t get this. They believe this is a game, a known quantity, and he or she with the most experience and expertise wins. But they are wrong. A tsunami has already wiped out […]