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The freeways were designed in the fifties.  As they were overrun by cars in the decades that followed, glaring design flaws were revealed.  If I’m getting off and you’re getting on, and we’re supposed to cross, don’t you expect this to create problems? But that’s the way it is on the eastbound 10 at La […]

Broken Arrow

The lights turned on and the curtain fell down… The first Crosby, Stills & Nash album was such a phenomenon, entered the consciousness of listeners to such a degree, that there was a huge hunger for more.  And there was more.  An album entitled "Retrospective", the greatest hits of Buffalo Springfield. Beloved today, Buffalo Springfield […]

Lunch With Lyor

Falafel King.  On Broxton.  In Westwood.  That’s where we met. And I couldn’t help feeling it was part of Warner’s austerity program. Lyor flies United.  Coach.  Sure, he uses his miles to upgrade to business, but there are no black cars at Warner anymore, Jet Blue is the company airline, you see the music business […]

More iPad

1. Shitty Name There’s a linguist somewhere who can explain why the hard "a" sound in "Pad" is unappealing.  "iSlate" was better.  So many of the Web prognostications were better.  And if the original hard drive iPod can be renamed the "Classic", maybe the iPod Touch can be renamed the "iPhone For Verizon Subscribers" and […]