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The iPad

I’m not convinced I need one! I remember vividly the moment I knew I needed an iPod.  I was on the back side of Mammoth Mountain, waiting to get on Chair 14, and the guy in front of me had white wires dangling from his ears.  It wasn’t even 2002.  The device had only been […]


Am I the only person who didn’t love this movie? I’ll admit sci-fi is not my thing.  But the script will never be nominated for an Academy Award.  And although the special effects were cool, state of the art, "Up" had better 3-D. I don’t go to the movies much.  Ever since they stopped being […]

Kid Rock Responds

Saw your comment on haiti wasn’t sure what to make of it, but tonite havin dinner in malibu, david crosby came up and said the same thing. Your kinda like howard stern to me, I appreciate your honesty, even if I don’t agree, and even when I’m on the receiving end of critisizm. We can […]


The recorded music business must switch to subscription, it’s its only hope of economic survival. The iTunes Store is killing the music business.  Sure, it provides a legal alternative to theft/copyright infringement, but the economics make no sense.  Because instead of spending $10-$20 for an album, people are now purchasing $1.29 tracks.  And it takes […]