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The number one complaint I get about Amanda Palmer’s success is her music sucks. I’ll tell you one thing, it’s not mainstream, it’s never going to be embraced by everybody, but Ms. Palmer has created a lucrative niche that others desire to inhabit, so they watch her TED talk believing they’ll learn how. But that’s […]


It’s having a resurgence. The Internet was supposed to change everything, just like 9/11, but almost twenty years past its Summer of Love, 1995, when everybody bought a computer and signed up for AOL to play, it’s the same as it ever was. In other words, I might get hassled at the airport, but I’ve […]

Jack Jones

He was taking a panoramic photograph on his iPhone 5. What do I know about Jack Jones? I was sitting by the pool at the Flamingo and he walked by and tapped my little sister on the head, it was a family story that has lived on to this day, one of the highlights of […]

Rhinofy-So What

How do you follow up “Rocky Mountain Way”? You don’t. Going solo after success in the James Gang, Joe Walsh believed the world was his oyster, he’d have instant success now that he could play by his own rules, but this was not to be, his solo debut, “Barnstorm,” was a stiff. Oh, it contained […]