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It’s a gift. Or to quote a famous seer, you punch up, not down. Yes, despite Jimmy being on ABC, Kanye West is a much bigger star than Kimmel. In the old days, network television made you a king. Today, a rotund Korean pop star can be much more famous as a result of many […]


Got your attention there, didn’t I? If you want to know the future for all media, look to pornography, it leads the way. Porn was the first to videocassette, the first to DVD, the first to the Internet, and the first to be eviscerated by the Web. Wait a minute? It’s EVERYWHERE! There’s more porn […]


The Internet is maturing. What does that mean? Stunts will be scarce and the odds of going from obscurity to fame are dropping ever lower. Remember when record labels used to sponsor YouTube contests? Those evaporated. You can’t ask people to make clips for a small prize when they’re too busy uploading their own concoctions […]

What I Learned About iOS 7

1. You can make the text bold. To do this go to Settings to General to Accessibility to Bold Text and make the circle green (i.e. on.) This will make the time more readable, as well as the name of apps, but e-mail text will also be bold, which I find slightly bothersome, but overall, […]