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Apple To Buy Tidal?

Apple in Talks to Acquire Jay Z’s Tidal Music Service It’s talent versus market share, old school versus new, Apple versus Spotify. Despite a reputation for innovation, we’ve learned the internet is mostly about consolidation, establishing a paradigm and then conquering all comers. Amazon owns shopping, Google owns search, Facebook owns social networking and…what exactly […]

My Uber Driver

He was coming in an F-150. I’ve been driving the past two weeks, but Felice’s machine, you see mine is a stick and I’m not quite up to that, but today she needed her Lexus so I had to use Uber. I’m always uptight about using Uber, especially when I need to be buckled in, […]

Facebook Takes News Out Of The News Feed

“Facebook to Change News Feed to Focus on Friends and Family” And the music business loses out again. So worried about being ripped off, making a third party the new MTV, allowing that entity to profit, the industry requires a huge toll to innovate with its wares, as a result, most techies have abandoned the […]

Even More Brexit

If you read only one thing on this vote/crisis, you must read Glenn Greenwald’s article on Greenwald delineates the real issues at play, primarily the war between the elites and the have-nots, the contempt the former have for the latter. The educated upstarts believe they’re entitled to a pass because they weren’t born with […]