Even More Brexit

If you read only one thing on this vote/crisis, you must read Glenn Greenwald’s article on theintercept.com. Greenwald delineates the real issues at play, primarily the war between the elites and the have-nots, the contempt the former have for the latter. The educated upstarts believe they’re entitled to a pass because they weren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouth, they had to fight to get ahead, so when they do things to their advantage they believe it’s just the American Way. But who’s looking out for the little guy? Unions have been decimated, jobs transferred overseas and you just can’t make it in America anymore, no wonder the underclass is mad.

This is a bigger issue than Trump spewing inaccurate inanities. This requires all the so-called “winners” of the world, especially the bleeding heart liberals, to examine their own values and behavior. It really has got less to do with right or left, Republicans or Democrats, and more to do with elites on both sides of the aisle. Elites who have advantages those on the bottom do not, elites who can’t even fathom what’s happening on the bottom. I lose my job to overseas workers and then despite a flat screen costing two hundred bucks I’ve got to work a service job that doesn’t pay the bills? What are all these displaced people gonna do for a living in the future? How are they gonna make ends meet? You can make fun of them all you want, but they’re entitled to vote too. But then you’d have to have empathy, you’d have to refrain from climbing the greased ladder to stop and lend a hand to your brother and sister, you’d have to sacrifice for the greater good.

I’ve been bothered by income inequality for a decade, frustrated that I could no longer get to the top as my brethren have. But I could not foresee this rampant unrest, the contempt for those who think they’re smarter, have all the answers and reign herd over the rest of us. When you got nothing, you got nothing to lose. Bob Dylan said that fifty years ago, the last time this country was up for grabs, when being a rock star was about speaking truth as opposed to garnering corporate endorsements. Which side are you on, indeed. We lionize and criticize the billionaires when we just don’t realize the problem is us, the elites, we’re to blame, the sons and daughters of sons and daughters of immigrants, who grew up with advantages and just couldn’t get enough. The iron curtain may have fallen under Ronald Reagan, but greed was suddenly good, just ask Gordon Gekko. And I believe we live in a global village, but Clinton passed NAFTA and what exactly are those put out of work supposed to do for work? In both cases, a relatively thin layer of people profited handsomely. What about everybody else? We’re asking that question now.

Glenn Greenwald – “Brexit Is Only the Latest Proof of the Insularity and Failure of Western Establishment Institutions”

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