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Re: Jeff Beck Hey Bob, Hope you are well. In 1967, Chris Wright and I were two guys just out of college running a booking agency called “The Ellis-Wright Agency,” specializing in booking bands for colleges. One day a guy who looked like a WWF wrestler (he was) burst into our one-room office – a […]

The Post-Political Era

You can go back to your normally scheduled programming. Our six year national nightmare might not be completely over, but you can safely quit your addiction to the news, you can rejuggle your priorities, you can go back to regular life. Donald Trump will never be president again. Oh, he could possibly win the nomination, […]


1 I’m never going to a brick and mortar store again! Well, unless there is service. Like at the ski shop in Vail. But you pay for that service, more than MAP (Minimum Advertised Price). But the employees have been at it for years, unlike at Vail Sports, where the seasonal employees mounted all the […]

The Escape Artist

“The Escape Artist: The Man Who Broke Out of Auschwitz to Warn the World”: The reason this book is so good is because it describes, in detail, day to day life in the concentration camp, i.e., Auschwitz. You know I rarely read nonfiction. And I was regretting my choice until Walter Rosenberg was shipped […]