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The Elizabeth Holmes Conviction

This is a victory for the little guy. You see there are two tiers of justice in America, one for the rich and one for the poor. The rich skate while the poor plea bargain and go to jail. And everybody knows it. It’s not like this paradigm has been hidden. That’s what the O.J. […]

Peter Bogdanovich

He was a self-satisfied blowhard, but he had a window… You had to see “The Last Picture Show.” Not because of any special effects, not because of the look, but because of the performances, because of the story. “The Last Picture Show” impacted the culture. Today’s superhero comic book movies do not. It’s kind of […]

Re-The Great Resignation

Kids between 18 and 25 are on the internet making money. Between You Tube Channels, Tik Tok, Instagram and of course Only Fans, they are making either enough money to support themselves, or they are making bank, as many women on Only Fans are doing. According to the NY Post, Only Fans Stars make 270 […]

More Social Security

Dear Bob, I agree with all your comments. ¬†While I am not a financial planner as a C.P.A. I discuss these sorts of issues often and I fine 2 common mistakes: 1. folks assume they will be in a LOWER tax bracket when they retire, the taxation of social security generally levels this out and […]