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Biden’s Speech Can we go back to our regular lives now? The first inauguration I remember watching was back in 1961, with President Kennedy. We were in a cold war. The Russians were beating us in space. America was being tested. It was a battle between the old and the new. And the new had won. […]

Status Report

Today’s “New York Times” has a story about the death of a Minnesota state senator: “In Minnesota, a G.O.P. Lawmaker’s Death Brings Home the Reality of Covid – Minnesota Republicans celebrated election victories with a gala party. A state senator’s death from Covid-19 underlined the consequences of the G.O.P.’s rejection of health experts’ guidance.: […]


Bob, who do these people think they’re fooling? Loved this piece of blowback “The smartest thing for Biden to do┬áis to pardon Trump, put all this wasted energy behind us, and move forward with trying to unify the people. Reminded me of George Carlin’s “I just want to put this thing behind me and get […]


They want you to shut up. Have an opinion, post it online, and you will get blowback. Which scares most people away. Those of character ignore what is said and march on, the wimps tuck their tails and retreat. Welcome to the twenty first century. This affects all walks of life, all individuals. You’ve got […]