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The Trial Of The Chicago 7

It’s not exactly how I remember it. Then again, I lived through it, and most of America did not. So they’ve got no idea what the sixties were really like, everything was up for grabs, even the country itself. And the funny thing is just like fifty years ago, the oldsters are completely out of […]

Rodham I wish I’d read this when I’d grown up, it would have answered so many questions! I’m a big Curtis Sittenfeld fan. I started with “Prep.” I went to public school, but in college 45% of the students had come from prep schools. They were different. And you can’t explain them to people who […]

The Vice Presidential Debate

Pence wouldn’t commit to a peaceful transfer of power. You need to read this article. It’s more important than anything I have to say herein: “Democrats Need To Be Clear About Where This Could Be Headed” It’s about the system, not the issues. The above was written by a Harvard professor, not someone wearing a […]

Johnny Nash

Some records you only have to hear once. Johnny Nash was the face of reggae. Sure, there was a whole scene down in Jamaica, Paul Simon had used the island groove for “Mother and Child Reunion,” but most people still did not know whether you pronounced it “reggie” or “reg-gay,” if they’d heard the term […]