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Can You Live With A Lie?

We’re watching this show “The Journalist,” on Netflix. It’s Japanese, watch with subtitles, it’ll rivet you, not that it’s fast-paced, but your mind won’t be drifting, you’ll be paying attention. And what we’ve got here is a lying Prime Minister. Caught in action, self-dealing. And at first the administration evades the issue, and then the […]

1/6 Hearings

Conventional wisdom is they’re irrelevant, that they have no impact, cannot reach core Republicans, but that is plain wrong. This is a lesson in media most performers have not learned, even studios have not learned, even TV streaming outlets have not learned. It’s not about dripping out episodes once a week so people don’t cancel, […]


I paid $7.13 a gallon. Actually, the sticker price was $7.15, but I got a two cent discount for using my 76 card. I might have gotten a few cents more if I used the app, but every time I’ve tried there’s been a hurdle I couldn’t jump. Like my PIN. I mean really, how […]

Get It Right Next Time

Spotify: YouTube: 1 I wanted to hear this Gerry Rafferty song. But I wasn’t exactly sure of the title or what album it was on. And I was just about to start driving and I gave up, I just put Rafferty on shuffle. And everything sounded right. “Baker Street” was a huge hit […]