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Defiant. Knowledgeable. Unrehearsed. Intense. THAT’S A ROCK STAR! I don’t care which side of the aisle you’re on, whether you’re a Trumpster or not, one thing is clear, you weren’t gonna mess with Peter Strzok. For far too long the government has been demonized. Taxes. Unions too. Inept people sucking at the tit of the […]


BE AN INDIVIDUAL Make a difference, have your own ideas, if your only goal is to get along you’ll be left behind. GET AN EDUCATION Mostly in school, but travel and summer stuff helps too. Kids should not be allowed to stay home and graze in front of the TV or computer all summer. It’s […]

The Opiate Of The Idiots

That’s fame. The turning point was reality television, most specifically “The Real World,” suddenly you could be famous for nothing. You could trump up your personality, argue, and the edgier you were, the more attention you gained, can you say PUCK? Concomitant with this was the era of the afternoon talk show. Where the more […]

The Americans

To lead a better life… We went to Bob Windt’s rooming house on July 4th. It was on the parade route on Park Avenue in Bridgeport. What was a rooming house? My parents tried to explain. They don’t have these anymore, at least I don’t think so, where you rent a room in a house […]