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Goats Head Soup

The POlice in New York City They chased a boy right through the park “Goats Head Soup” was a disappointment after “Exile On Main Street.” Then again, what could follow up that two-disc set. Now “Exile On Main Street” did not set the world on fire. It entered the chart at number one and fell […]

Gary Stewart (& Bobby Gale)

It seems we all live so close to that line And so far from satisfaction “Song For Sharon” Joni Mitchell It’s hard to be an aging rocker. If you’ve got a fanbase, you can play your old hits in sheds, maybe arenas if you’re lucky, do endorsement deals, hell, even Iggy Pop has a clothing […]


How’d he go from zero to hero overnight? Identity, credibility, owning his viewpoints and expressing them. Sound like a rock star? That’s what they used to have before everybody wanted to be a brand, when the penumbra became more important than the music. The identity… You practiced, you didn’t emerge out of nowhere fully-formed. Duane […]

Waiting For A Girl Like You

My radio was stolen for the fifth time. This one was a Kenwood. It only lasted a day and this time they broke the console. My insurance was canceled and I gave up. I drove my 2002 for years with no problem, and then all of a sudden I couldn’t keep a head unit. I […]