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The Road Less Taken

You can’t have a contrary opinion. Let me restate that…you can’t VERBALIZE a contrary opinion. You’re supposed to adhere to the orthodoxy of your tribe, or else you become a pariah. You can’t say that Biden is old if you’re a Democrat. You can’t say you support Israel in Gaza if you’re a Democrat. This […]

The Biden Freeze Video

“President Biden Stupefied During Juneteenth Party… Others Dance, Joe Watches”: This is why the Democrats are screwed, like the major labels, they still think we’re living in the twentieth century, in the pre-internet era. Did you see that article in “Billboard”? “A new survey conducted by MIDia Research and Amuse found that only 6% […]

Owen Elliot-Kugell-This Week’s Podcast

Owen Elliot-Kugell has a new book about her mother, “My Mama Cass: A Memoir.” Apple: Spotify: Amazon: iHeart:

The Reunion

“This is the last day of our acquaintance” Sinead O’Connor I wasn’t going to come. Too many bad memories. But for the first time Canadian Music Week was Monday to Wednesday instead of Thursday to Saturday, so theoretically I could come. So we were on the chairlift and my buddy John put it to me, […]