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From: Andy Gould Subject: Re: Sweet Sounds Of Heaven Well said Bob, having heard the track 9 times, I think I now believe in time travel just for 7 and a half minutes I was back on the floor of my first flat (apartment ) reading liner notes and getting lost in the music and […]

The 2nd Republican Debate

1 You can’t be bigger than the Beatles by imitating the Beatles. There was only one Beatles, we haven’t seen an act that big, with that kind of impact, since. Their music will maintain whereas the rest of the British Invasion has almost already disappeared. I loved “Mrs. Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter.” “I’m […]


My father wouldn’t get a vanity plate. Because he wanted plausible deniability. Not that my dad was the type to step out, but if someone said they saw his car here or there he could always say it wasn’t him, but if the license plate said “Lefsetz,” he’d be nailed, he’d have to admit it. […]


If Costco or Trader Joe’s doesn’t have it, I don’t need it. Jim McKeon ______________________________ I once ‘Costco outed’ a partner from a renowned entertainment law firm when I saw him going through the stacks of cashmere sweaters. On another occasion I ran into another partner from the same firm enjoying a hot dog. J. […]