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That Was The Week That Was

This was the week Elizabeth Warren’s candidacy was taken seriously and Donald Trump lost all credibility. And “Old Town Road” continued to triumph in the music sphere, because it’s a fad driven by social media and that’s how far we’ve sunk these days. It comes down to substance. And experience. The entertainment business believes it’s […]

The Lay Of The Land

The right knows it got screwed by globalization. The left still thinks it will work for them. At least the educated left, in control of the Democratic Party. These professionals and high-earners believe that change can happen just as long as it doesn’t affect their wealth too much, that they can ride this horse into […]

Political Lessons

Politics is show business for ugly people. But this year, the politicians are playing the game better than the entertainers. You’ve got to be able to say no. That’s one thing a musician no longer is capable of. If you’re willing to pay, they’ll show up. They’ll even sing for dictators. There’s no endorsement they […]

Mueller Speaks

How do you lose a Presidency? Very slowly, then all at once. Clinton lies about a blow job and he’s impeached. Trump obstructs justice and acts like a doofus, but he skates. HOW CAN THIS BE? This is the way it is folks. The Republicans are an alliance between the rich and the poor, with […]