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I Am A Rock

A winter’s day In a deep and dark December I was freezing my balls off on the Tea Cup Express. The plan had been to ride the Orient Express up to the poma to ski Bolshoi Ballroom, but the light was so flat on the Poppyfields I decided to exit back to the front side, […]

D.C. Rap War

You don’t want to be dissed by a woman. Hell, Carly Simon built her whole career on it. “You’re so vain…” “After she returned to Capitol Hill, Ms. Pelosi said that for Mr. Trump, the wall was ‘like a manhood thing for him.’ ‘As if manhood could ever be associated with him,’ she said.” 5 […]


The “Washington Post” says the Russians interacted with fourteen of Trump’s team and the Fox News site leads with Hillary Clinton. We live in silos, reinforced by our media consumption, but one thing’s for sure, if you’re not watching Fox, the world is in turmoil. Huawei, Brexit, the stock market and… Kevin Hart. He was […]

Capturing The Zeitgeist

You had to watch SNL, because it reflected our generation, it was the only place you could go to experience television that had the viewpoint of the boomers, where music was a staple building block and irreverence was baked-in. You felt alone until 11:30 Saturday night. And the time slot was reflective of the dividing […]