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Don’t let people tell you what to do. There will come a time in your life where your significant other, maybe even someone you respect, will burn out on your vision, which may be faltering to boot, you must not do it their way to salve their anxiety, you must do it your way, otherwise […]


From: Chris Kimsey Subject: Re: Wild World Hi Bob ,What a joy to read your blog about Cat Stevens and Mona Bone Jackon . I was the assistant engineer on the album . It was recorded at Olympic Studio 2, with Paul Samwell-Smith producing and George Chkiantz engineering. That album and those songs shaped my […]

Muhammad Ali Are you watching this? You’ve got to. Even though I wasn’t going to. I came home from hiking on Sunday night and Felice said she’d watched the first episode. I had no interest, I lived through it, I knew enough about Muhammad Ali. And there’d been so many other movies and documentaries, what else […]


You are painfully spot on about those last few shows of a tour making up for the first several that break even or maybe even lose money. That is one thing making this summer very difficult. Most people can’t wrap their heads around a band selling out the Garden and not making a cent, but […]