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But Will They Show Up?

Last night Felice journeyed to her sister’s house for an “In the Heights” viewing party (I did not go, I still do not have enough B-cells to retake the vaccine). After eating Mexican food and Marie Callender’s pies, six fully vaccinated people sat in front of the 75″ OLED screen and watched the movie on […]

Bo Burnham: Inside

This is the album of the year. But it was released as a Netflix comedy special. “Hey man you may have seen it but for something truly beautiful check out Bo Burnham’s Inside – it’s truly art” I got that iMessage at 10:48 last Wednesday night, a time when most people are afraid of sending […]

Re-Azerbaijan Grand Prix

All I can say is SAME! I got hooked and when I had finished the Netflix show this season was only one race in. I downloaded the app, picked a fantasy team and started setting my alarm (the woman that doesn’t set an alarm for work) so I could get up at 5:30 and 4:30 […]

Azerbaijan Grand Prix

I haven’t watched sports on Sunday afternoon in eons. I know it’s the day you’re supposed to go to your man cave with your beer and spend all day with the NFL, maybe the MLB, but I have no man cave, I drink no beer, I refuse to watch the NFL because of the head […]