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Right Now

Everybody’s freaking out. And it’s not about the coronavirus, but the government. If you’re intelligent and informed, you’re staying at home, wearing a mask in public, doing your best not to catch the virus. But every day there’s more governmental insanity and you get scared for your future. It was never like this, even in […]

News Update-Day 22

The big news today comes, of course, from the governor of Georgia: “Georgia governor says he didn’t know asymptomatic people could spread coronavirus” Well, I’ll say he’s either lying or dumb but I’ll bet on the former. We live in a world of no consequences, one in which the elite can get a Covid-19 test […]

Adam Schlesinger

Adam Schlesinger – spotify Now wait a minute, didn’t they tell us this was not going to happen? That if you weren’t over 65, the odds of dying from Covid-19 were slim, but if you were over seventy to watch out? _____ From: James Risk Re: News Update-Day 20 My 22 yr old daughter, Phoebe, […]

News Update-Day 20

Now the reality sets in. Finally, just about everybody is on the same page. Yes, there are still states that are not on lockdown, but they will be, unfortunately after people die. For example, look at Jerry Falwell, Jr.’s reopening of Liberty University, it turns out that God is no match for the virus, assuming […]