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The Country Kerfuffle

It’s a ROCK format! So, are those heirloom or cherry tomatoes? Today it even made the L.A. “Times,” the statement by country music consultant Keith Hill that he advises stations not to play two women in a row, that males are the lettuce and women are the tomatoes in the salad. And the women are […]

More ReCode

It had a lousy name, a dot net address and a terrible website. Sure, Mossberg and Swisher were starting all over, but they could have given themselves a fighting chance! “AllThingsD” was a brand, never underestimate the difficulty in building one and the power in an established one. Scott Weiland was in Velvet Revolver, what […]

Rhinofy-Yer’ Album

I love this record! “Rides Again” got all the attention, maybe because of “Funk #49,” there was no hit on “Yer’ Album,” but “Yer’ Album,” the James Gang’s first, is the best! I discovered this record through Steph. Oh, our initial crushes. Actually, she found me. I was skiing in goop on the last weekend […]

Lou Adler

I ran into him at the Sonos studio. I’d like to tell you what I learned about the company but it was all off the record. But I can tell you they want to bring hi-fi back. And I had a long conversation with Giles Martin, who’s been hired to help them achieve this. As […]