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God & Country

Trailer: They’ve got to stop releasing these documentaries theatrically. Did you see that “Love on the Spectrum” was the number six most watched original streaming series last week? Yes, with 433 million minutes. The producers could have made a film on autism, taken it to a bunch of festivals, waited two years to release […]

Dayna Frank-This Week’s Podcast

Dayna Frank is CEO of First Avenue Productions. She’s also the co-founder and first President of the Board of the National Independent Venue Association. We discuss her involvement in the passage of the Save Our Stages Act and the formulation of the new TICKET Act and the ins and outs of getting things accomplished in […]

The Judee Sill Movie

“Lost Angel: The Genius of Judee Sill” Website: Trailer: It creeped me out, in a good way. I got e-mail from Cheryl Strayed, telling me her documentarian husband had made a movie about Judee Sill…did I know who she was, would I watch it? Of course I know who Judee Sill is/was. She […]

Universal Publishing Joins TikTok Takedown

I’m on Universal’s side on this. TikTok should pay rightsholders more. But we’ve seen this movie before. As documented in the book “Hit Men,” CBS Records wanted to eliminate the underworld of independent radio promotion. Therefore, it refused to pay. End result, the radio stations played music by acts on the other five major labels […]