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The Great Unbundling

Nobody wants to watch the Discovery Channel. 2.9 million people viewed “Naked and Afraid.” But a hundred million paid for it. More than a buck a month. The CEO made $156 million. Now what? Lawsuits. Verizon is following the customer, allowing its FiOS TV subscribers to pick and choose channels. And the content providers are […]

Gregg Allman At The Roxy

The Allman Brothers had a slow build, their initial album was ignored, the second was known only by cognoscenti and the third blew up, not through airplay, but WORD OF MOUTH! Imagine there was a band so good, people couldn’t stop testifying about them, dragging their friends to a show so adventurous yet refined that […]

Shark Tank Rules

IT’S WHO YOU KNOW A spice rub company couldn’t get arrested at Sam’s Club, they’d been trying to get their product stocked for years, but once they made a deal with Barbara Corcoran, voila!, they were in. Stop becoming such an expert. You’re not. It’s great to be a student of the game, to know […]


The PIGS, that’s what we called them back when I was growing up. And I still don’t trust the police, they’ve never been there when I needed them and have most certainly hassled me when I have not. Welcome to the sixties, minus the draft. Wherein the younger generation mistrusts their elders and… Wait a […]