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The Kellie Pickler Clip

Did you see the Kellie Pickler clip? From "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader"? I found it first thing this morning on PerezHilton, but now people are e-mailing me about it. Did you know that "Parental Control" on MTV is scripted? Scripts are going to kill reality TV. Turns out reality just doesn’t make […]

Where We’re At

Clive Davis doesn’t break records, he breaks acts. In the latest issue of "Rolling Stone", Rick Rubin gushes about his Sonos with Rhapsody system.  Hate to tell you Rick, but you’re late to the game.  I’ve had one for years.  As have many rich techies.  But this does not mean this equipment and service is […]

Tangled Up In Blue

Early one mornin’ the sun was shinin’,I was layin’ in bed I was back in college. But it wasn’t the seventies. It was positively now. At first it seemed exciting. I was setting up my dorm room and then I went down to the student union. And as I began to speak to the twentysomethings, […]

Re-Live Nation

Live Nation To Employees: Please Help Us Stock Our Bar For The Holidays